Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 01/06/2011

Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 01/06/2011


Bulk Me Now!
A simple contact form plugin that stores the messages right in the database, instead of sending mails.

‘Easy Speak’ Widget Contact Form
A simple widgetized contact form

Disk Space Pie Chart
Shows your free and used server space as a funky Pie Chart in your backend. It also shows a percentage bar in your WordPress dahsboard.

Joomla 1.5 Importer
This plugin exports articles from a Joomla 1.5 database and imports them as posts into WordPress.

WP Publication Archive
WP Publication Archive uses a custom post type to store documents and non-image uploads in an archive format. It is similar to a filing cabinet application and allows for the creation of downloadable resource lists.

Inspired by the abandoned wp-publications-archive plug-in on Google Code.

Filtered HTML for Editors
Editors and Administrators can publish content with unfiltered HTML. Use this plugin to force filtering of HTML from Editors.

A to Z Category Listing
This Plugin will show A-to-Z listing of all categories in alphabetical order.

Kazoo Templated Content
Include templated post, page, comment, attachment loops and conditional content anywhere you can use a shortcode.

Dashboard Killer
This plugin simply removes all the default WordPress Dashboard Widgets

PHP Floating Point DoS Attack Workaround
Prevents 32-bit PHP versions from hanging when processing a request containing 2.2250738585072011e-308 value.

The Welcomizer
This plugin helps you to easily add ‘Smart’ moves and custom effects to almost any HTML element.

PTM Guest Author
Adds a meta box for guest author name & URL to post & page edit screen

Grannys Corner
This plugin is designed to easily enter a text in a widget for a specific user without the need to enter the admin screen.

Contact Form 7 Textarea Wordcount
Adds an option to Contact Form 7’s “Text area”, for Max Wordcount to be specified. Limits textarea to that max wordcount on front end.

Graceless Degradation
We hear about “graceful browser degradation” but who speaks for the other side? Give your IE6 visitors the experience their browser demands.

ThreeWP Ajax Search
Enables ajax searches for content. The default settings work automatically with Twentyten and derivatives.

Send every 404 page not found error directly to start page to overcome problems with search engines

Easily create forms with an admin interface and customize destinations using Zend Framework. requires WP-ZFF Zend Framework Full

news announcement scroll
This plug-in will create a vertical scroll news or Announcement for your word press site, we can embed this in site sidebar.

NoFollow Link
NoFollow Link adds a button to the post editor to add nofollow attribute to any links in the post.

Bit.ly Shortlinks
This plugin replaces the default WordPress shortlinks with bit.ly shortlinks.

Comma Diacritics
Searches and replaces the wrong (sedilla) diacritics with the correct ones on data saving


BC oAuth
This Plugin gives WordPress and Buddypress social sign-in funcionality.

BuddyPress Activity Stream Bar
Adds a static bar at the bottom of every page of your website. Which displays the latest 20 BuddyPress activities and rotates threw them.


Max Foundry Sales Page Plugin (Free)
Quickly create highly effective sales pages using a built-in template that is completely customizable.

Nomis Plugin
Use this plugin to display properties out of the backoffice Nomis on your website.

Affiliate Pro Plus
Affiliate Pro Plus lets your registered users get credit for new users they recruit

Design & Development

Max Foundry Landing Page Plugin (Free)
Quickly create great-looking landing pages using a built-in template that is highly customizable.

Remove Custom Header Uploads
While this plugin doesn’t symbolize the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation, it does remove the ability to upload a custom header image.


WP E-Commerce YuuPay Payment Gateway
YuuPay payment for WordPress with WP E-Commerce plugin allows you to process payments using the YuuPay payment gateway.


Ai Loader (jQuery Lazy Load)
This plugin enables images really lazy loading.

Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music / podcast playlist
Post your videos, photo galleries/flash slideshows easily and in seconds.

Easy iFrame Loader
Adds a shortcode/widget/template tag to manage iFrame loading, uses javascript for late loading to increase page speed.

Lobot Slider Administrator
Creates a slide management interface in the WordPress backend and provides template tags for fetching the slides’ information.

WP roundabout
This plugin creates a round about slider based on jQuery Roundabout plugin

Lazyest Stack
This plugin adds a beautiful photo stack gallery with jQuery and CSS3 to Lazyest Gallery.

Hybrid Slideshow
Hybrid Slideshow is a jQuery powered image slideshow with drag and drop image ordering. The slideshow can be inserted using a shortcode, widget, or ph


WP Android Shortcode
Use the [android] shortcode to convert Android Market links into a QR code for non-Android devices and a direct link for Android devices.

Posts & Pages

Display Post Image
Adds the function display_post_image(), giving theme builders easy access to images associated with a post or page.

Roban meta box (customer post fields)
Allows admins to create customer fields for any post, page or section.

U Post Map Meta
Google maps can be easily embedded into your post. and you can add Marker, Marker’s info window, Path and etc on the map. Also you can customize

Easy Featured Image
Easily edit and see featured images on your post edit screen.

U More Recent Posts
Based on WordPress core “Recent Posts” widget, this plugin is redesigned to make it possible to navigate more recent posts without refreshin

Quick Find
This plugin adds a hierarchical navigation to your `Pages` menu. This enables you to quickly find the page you want to edit.

Pronamic Page Teasers
This plugin makes it easy to bind pages (teasers) to a page.

Category Column
The Category Column does simply, what the name says; it will show excerpts of the latest posts in your sidebar.

Simple Expires
Enable Posts and Pages to automatically expire and change at a certain time, and provide notification of expiration.

Show the full or partial content from a page into your sidebar.

Post Format Permalink
Include post format slug in post permalink.

Reading Time
Reading Time shows the estimated reading time and puts an animated progress bar inside the post.

WP FreeStyle Wiki
This plugin allows you to use FreeStyle Wiki syntax for typing up your posts and pages.

SEO & Marketing

Simple Ads Manager
Advertisment rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

Adsense Custom Placement
This plugin was made specially to help people using wordpress any advertisement in the wordpress blogs in whatever position they wished.

Social Media

Facebook Fan Box Cache
Are you tired of using FBML or an iframe to load in your Facebook Fan Box / Like Box? Me too. So I wrote this plugin that takes care of the issue.

QuoraPress displays posts you make on Quora directly on your WordPress blog.

Twitter Share Button
The simplest way to add a Twitter Share Button to posts on your WordPress blog. One click setup and start getting Twitter tweets for posts on your bl

Like Buttons
Adds Open Graph tags to your posts/pages/etc, adds a Facebook Like button to posts using simple Theme functions. Requires a Facebook Application ID (

Beautiful Social Web Link
Displays beautiful web 2.0 Social Bookmark icons on your sidebar.

Social Share
Add Facebook/Twitter share buttons to your website.

A customizable wordpress widget that displays top or new COLOURLovers palettes or patterns on your site.


Hello Da Vinci
A quick modification of the ubiquitious Hello Dolly plugin, to present quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Replacing Half Space
Replacing half space instead of the full space in the Persian language.

ICIT Weather widget
An easy to use, elegant weather widget to work in most sidebar and widget locations.

WP Calameo
view calaméo

Ping.mk Button
Version: 2.0

Kindle This Widget
Sends a blog post or page to a user’s kindle.

jQuery Tinytips
Adds tinytips tooltips to links on your site. Comes with different themes.

CrazyEgg Integrator for WordPress
Add the Crazyegg code required to integrate it to your WordPress site

WOW Index
This plugin displays the WOW Index | A Modern Day Tape Reader For Today’s Electronic Markets from algofutures

Pull AP Feeds
This plugin pulls AP feeds from apexchange.com.

YD WPML Switcher
Add-on to WPML to switch off language filters on specific pages.

YD Network-wide WPML
Add-on to WPML and to WPMU Sitewide tags plugins. Will propagate WPML language properties to the Network wide aggregation blog.

Pick Giveaway Winner
Randomly select a winner or winners from the comments of a giveaway post.

MMUnicode Embed
This plugin will embed Myanmar Unicode Font in your wordpress blog.

Ajax Easy Attendance List
A simple ajax attendance list