Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 12/30/2010

Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 12/30/2010


PlusWords shows the most used words on the entire blog and adds a link to search them

Light Loading
Adds a customizable loading screen to your blog whenever a page loads.

Website Registration
The plugin records some basic metadata of a submitted website. It will provide a single form where user or administrator can input the desire url address, then the plugin will populate some basic metadata embedded in the webpage namely url, title, author, keywords and description, accordingly. The plugin also has functionality to display the list of all submitted website, on the admin or frontend page of the site.

Short Syntax Highlighter
This is plugin will add the syntax highlighting with minimum code This plugin will not include the .

Global Content Blocks
Creates shortcodes to add HTML, forms, opt-ins, iframes, Adsense, code snippets, reusable objects, etc, to posts and pages and preserves formatting.

Contact Info Options
Add additional contact info fields to the user profile page and/or disable the instant messager fields.

Auto Logout
This plugin automatically logs out the user after a period of idle time. The time period can be configured from admin end general settings page.

Disable Grunion Admin link
The Grunion Contact Form plugin for WordPress is one of the best contact form plugins around. It is far simpler to use than it’s more popular rivals

Attachments as Custom Fields
This simple plugin adds a dropdown menu to the WordPress media editing window that allows the user to select a custom field to assign the file to. The

Plugin Organizer
This plugin allows you to change the order that your plugins are loaded.

Feed Input
Pull in feeds and then processes them for various uses include adding them to any post type. This plugin is in alpha stage.

Sendloop Subscribe
With this plug-in, blog owner will be able to “link” his Sendloop account with WordPress and start accepting email list subscriptions on his

Goodbye Dolly
Say Hello, say Goodbye – to Dolly

Unprintable Blog
Prevent visitors from printing out your blog posts. Posts can be downloaded as unprintable PDFs. Reduce paper waste – make your blog unprintable!

Contact Form 7 Customfield in mail
This plugin provides a new tag type for the Contact Form 7 Plugin. It allows the use of customfields from a post to be used in the mail section

Enhanced content management for WordPress


Membership Database
Maintain membership information for your club or association.

Cleeng For WordPress
Cleeng for WordPress allows you to easily charge for your content by offering a pay as you go solution for your site visitors.

WP-SimplyHired API
A Plugin that provides tools to utilize the SimplyHired web services API for Job-a-matic style niche job boards within WordPress.

Event Calendar that allows users to RSVP to the selected event.

Easy to use interface to add an amazon product to your post and display it by using jQuery template.

Design & Development

Unicode & Zawgyi Combobox
Description: Combobox for convert between unicode and zawgyi. javascript is written by solvewaresolution.


top100.cn music player
A simple http://widget.top100.cn music player widget plugin for wordpress.

Shapeways Gallery Widget
Displays a dynamic gallery of your Shapeways designs either as a widget, or in a post.

Gr80 JWPlayer Plugin Helper Panel
JWPlayer Panel registers a meta box in your Post Writing Panel, where you enter your video title/url/thumbnail, and get those displayed automatically

WP Image Tooltip
An easy to use plugin that enables image tooltips on your posts. Just upload an image using post or page editor and insert a link to that image, put the class attribute ‘tooltip’ and voilá, now you have image tooltips when hovering your link. Thanks to clueTip jQuery plugin makers. =D


WPmob Lite
WPmob: A simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your website.

Posts & Pages

Restrict Post/Page Names
This plugin restrict to create post or page names to your list of restricted names. The restricted names can be configured from admin end.

WP Featured Post with thumbnail
A really simple way of putting featured posts on your website.

lane66.com affiliate PRO
Load datafeeds as posts or create static pages with hundreds of products.*** This plugin is in Early development stage

A plugin for WordPress, show the all commentators’s avatar.

Social Media

More dot dot dot
Backend controller for Facebook moredot application

Hallo Destra
Hallo Destra add social media icons in the theme wherever you want to display. Simple and looks luxurious.

Automatically send your Posts to your personal Facebook Wall.


Russian Word of the Day Widget
Russian Word of the Day Widget

Create and manage Rating-Widget ratings from within WordPress.

BibTeX Importer
Import links in the BibTeX reference format.

Change.org Action Blogger
Essentials for working with Change.org to extend the social impact of your blog.