Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 23/12/2010

Weekly WordPress Plugin Directory Releases and Updates 23/12/2010


Cleeng For WordPress
Cleeng for WordPress allows you to easily charge for your content by offering a pay as you go solution for your site visitors.

Plugin Organizer
This plugin allows you to change the order that your plugins are loaded.

Allows you to display the last items of several feeds on your dashboard

Accept Signups
Accept signups by email. Data available from admin panel. Intended for use with external subscription services or your own email client.

HTML 5 Search Form
A plugin to change your search form into a HTML 5 search form with placeholders.

WP Quick Deploy
WP Quick Deploy allows you to pick your favorite plugins and install them at once without hassle.

Aside Widget
Display arbitrary sidebar content conditional upon a particular post or page.

New Admin Menus
Use of this plugin will change the labels in Admin Menus

Include Widget
Includes a file’s contents in the widget.

Genesis Favicon Uploader
Adds a theme option page to genesis to allow the user to upload a favicon without ftping into the themes folders. – The Genesis Theme Framework is Re

Profile Link Shortcode
Adds a shortcode to include a link to a user’s profile.

Animal Captcha
Captcha Animal protects your user registration and comments with a test of identifying two friendly animals.

WordPress Access Control
Restrict pages to members, nonmembers or specific roles and still add to navigation

SearchFit WP plugin
This plugin allows you to use shortcodes to visualize products from your SearchFit store to your WordPress blog.

Word Stats
Adds total word counts to your dashboard, a widget to show them, and live readability levels below the edit post text area.

Category-Post AJAX Tree
Add a sidebar widget that displays expandable categories menu.

Hellos Bar
A fixed position (header) HTML with jQuery drop-down announcemnet bar using Custom Post Types.

Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack
This plugin makes WordPress’ default permalinks behavior work on the Concentric/XO Communications shared hosting platform. (concentric.com/xo.com

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System
This will automatically make tags with the tagthe.net and yahoo yql services when you save or update a post. Has the option for retagging all post.

Register Plus Redux export users
Export users to CSV files, supports all WordPress profile data also Register Plus Redux Extra Fields plug-in.

Link to WordPress functions
Easily link to WordPress functions in the codex.

Feeds Plugin
I created this plugin to pull in feeds from a category from our blog so that we can promote to our clients from the dashboard.

iSimpleDesign clicktell SMS Plugin
I created this simple plugin to use clicktells api text system it basically displays a form using the shortcode [sms] within any post or page so peopl

Deregister Contact Form 7
Description: Prevents the scripts and styling from the Contact Form 7 plugin from loading on your site.

IIS Chinese Tag Permalink
In IIS, wordpress use Chinese Tag permalink

CDN Sync Tool
A tool to sync static files to a content delivery network (CDN) such as Amazon S3/CloudFront. Designed to be used with WP-Supercache or W3TotalCache.

wpautop control
Adds a global setting to turn the wpautop filter on and off. It also allows you to override this default for any post by adding a wpautop cutom field.

Decomoji.jp (web font service)
Decomoji plugin provides the ability to use web fonts in your WordPress.

Term Menu Order
Adds a menu_order field to terms, allowing theme and plugin developers to sort term by menu_order (similar to pages).

Client Document Monitoring
his plugin helps in managing document and users more easily and effectively.Features :- *You can create users more faster than wordpress default user


Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent plugin enables professionals to host their AgentRank profile in a sidebar.


BP Admin Actions
Let admin do some more stuff with users – adding them to any group manually from members list

Buddypress Topic Mover
Allows BuddyPress group mods and admins to move a single forum topic to another group.

BP Group Hierarchy
Allows BuddyPress groups to have subgroups.

Design & Development

GitHub Gist WordPress Plugin
Makes embedding Github.com gists super awesomely easy.


MooTools Image Lazy Load WP
add MooTools lazy loading to images

Phanoto Gallery
Displays photos taken from sports fans at sporting events.

Wolfram|Alpha Widget Shortcode
Embed live, interactive computational knowledge into your WordPress posts with the official Wolfram|Alpha Widget Shortcode.

x7Host’s Videox7 UGC Plugin
Easily add full video capabilities to your blog.

Flickr Thumbnails Widget
Displays thumbnails from Flickr based on the user/group/tag you provide.

Sugarsync Albums for WordPress
Your pictures in the Sugarsync albums, can be simple, quick insert into your blog post, and supports multiple display effect.


Mobile Kit
MobileKit is a small WordPress plugin created to make the development of WP mobile themes and apps simple.

Posts & Pages

Custom Categories Titles
The ability to set custom titles for your category pages

Project Selector
Add project compatibility and versions to posts or pages

ST Email Backup For Published Posts
This plugin emails the admin email account a copy of each post as it gets published.

Delete Post Revisions
A simple plugin for deleting unwanted post revisions from your database.

Random Related Posts Based on Category
This plugin allows you to list any number of related posts from the same category as the current post. You can also randomise these results.

ZonaW Maps
This Plugin insert a image with a map in your posts using the Static Google Maps Api.

A plugin for WordPress, simple comment captcha.

Easy Attachments
Easy Attachments provides a simple way to attach files to your posts and pages. It includes customization to include in your theme.

A plugin for WordPress, syntax highlighting of source code snippets in post.

Download Post Comments
This plugin adds a link to the “Edit Posts” view that will allow you to download a CSV of all comments for that particular post.

Uses Google Maps API to create a map containing markers for posts based on individually assigned geocoded locations.

SEO & Marketing

Tynt.com For WordPress
Make link-backs to your content effortless for readers and gain new insight into user engagement with Tynt Insight.

Adwit Banner Manager
Insert ad spots into your blog and sidebar in one click! ABM is a very simple and powerful ad manager with exclusive optimization tools.

Social Media

Super Refer A Friend
Creates a widget to send the current page to a friend via email with a message.

Facebook Registration Tool
Integrates Facebook Registration Tool into WordPress registration/user system.

Tweet Fetcher
Add tweets after the post

create a simple widget from yahoo RSS code>> buzz(“yahoo rss”,”the title”,”mode search”,”number of feed”

Delicious XML Importer
Lets you import your Delicious bookmarks into WordPress as links or posts.

Add the share-widget button on the footer of your post. Users can share your content through popular social network and email.

Ndizi Project Management
Ndizi Project Management is a Project Management solution, akin to offerings like Basecamp. But it’s free and runs under WordPress.

Facebook Connect
A beautifully crafted light weight Facebook Connect Plugin that uses the new Facebook API to create WordPress user accounts.


Check Url Malware
This plugin allow you to check if the comment author url contain malware.

Bot Detector
Allows you to detect bots on your blog.


Chan tu co y nghia ko tot . Xem demo o http://congtyduhoc.vn

WoWTag Widget
Easily adds a WoWTag to your Blog which displays simple information about your World of Warcraft Character. See http://wowtag.nfshost.com for details.

Version 1.1

Let Envato Marketplace’s users connect to your WordPress site using their valid Envato account username and API key.

2010 Summary
Generate a brief summary of 2010 on your blog. See how many posts were written durig the year, who was the most active commenter etc.

Snack Bar
Adds a snack menu to the admin bar

Vkontakte Donate
Display VKontakte donate widget on your site

Vkontakte Polls
Display VKontakte polls widget on your site

VKontakte Comments
This plugin connects to your site the opportunity to comment VKontakte users

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