What 3 WordPress Plugins Would You Wish For?

What 3 WordPress Plugins Would You Wish For?

If you were visited by a magical WordPress Plugin Genie today, what three plugins would you wish for? I admit that I’d be hard-pressed to choose just three, but after giving this some thought, there are the three WordPress plugins I’d just like to snap my fingers and have access to…

#1: A WordPress Plugin to Replace Dropbox

Dropbox has been one of the most practical business tools I’ve gotten my hands on since I started working as a freelancer. The price is hard to beat, the file sharing features are second to none and knowing that I have secure backups of all my professional documents is a dream come true.

At the same time, Dropbox is hard on my processor and causes my machine to run reeaallllyyy slllooowww sometimes. It would also be nice to have everything stored on my own server and even be able to offer file storage service like Dropbox to the members of my WordPress membership site.

As a PHP programmer, I know that it is possible to use PHP’s ftp functions to create a service similar to Dropbox. Admittedly though, I’d rather keep paying $9.99 to Dropbox every month as opposed to rolling up my sleeves and creating the solution myself. But, if a WordPress plugin like this existed, I’d Drop old Dropbox in a heartbeat, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

One wish down, two more to go…

#2:  A WordPress Plugin to Replace Salesforce.com

I’ve seen a lot of WordPress CRM solutions over the past four years, but I’ve yet to see one which rivals Salesforce.com.

Yet, I believe a solid WordPress CRM plugin is the single biggest and most untapped opportunity for WordPress developers right now. The SaaS (Software as a Service) industry hit the $12 billion mark this year for annual sales and it’s predicted to grow to over $20 billion by the year 2015.

Can you guess what the most popular SaaS product is right now?


Companies pay several hundred, even several thousand dollars a month on CRM solutions, and most of them that I talk to aren’t even happy with what they’re using. A lot of them also use WordPress for their company websites.

Given the popularity of WordPress and the persistence desire for entrepreneurs to streamline and integrate their business management solutions, we should see WordPress CRM plugins popping up all over the place.

I suspect the reason we’ve not is building a WordPress CRM plugin would be no menial task. It would also surely require some tightening up of the WordPress security features too. Yet, for the developer who is up for the task, the opportunities are just about limitless.

Two wishes down, one to go…

#3:  A WordPress Plugin to Replace Quickbooks

This is another opportunity in the SaaS industry which has incredible potential, especially considering that many companies are now discovering the power of SaaE (Software as an Ecosystem).

A “Software Ecosystem” is a virtual environment which allows you to manage the primary IT processes of your business; primarily the processes of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting and Project Management.

How many WordPress users would like to have their entire ecosystem humming from their WordPress dashboard? I know quite a few already…I’m one of them.

In combination with a solid WordPress CRM plugin, an accounting plugin which was even 50% as robust as Quickbooks would attract a lot of attention from WordPress users, and possibly change the “plugin soup” perception that some business owners have of WordPress.

I’d like to see an accounting solution which integrated with an eCommerce plugin like the WPMU DEV MarketPress and which allowed the managing of affiliates using the WPMU DEV Affiliate plugin.  Ideally, it would allow the user to calculate key metrics like ROI, (VPC) Value Per Customer and Profit Margins for individual products, for marketing campaigns and your entire company.

(Am I asking too much? lol)

I understand that security would be a concern for a WordPress accounting plugin. It would also surely be impossible to make such a solution open source and free to the public (unless the person creating and maintaining it had an alternate stream of income to keep their bills paid).

But it’s hard to believe that people would not be willing to pay good money for access to something like this.

What are YOUR Dream Plugins?

Okay, now it’s your turn. If “The WordPress Genie” were to show up in your inbox today, what would YOU ask him for? Post your answers below, look forward to seeing them.