“What a service!”

“What a service!”

Usually I wouldn’t publish a testimonial for WPMU DEV here… but I couldn’t resist this one which recently popped into our email (unsolicited!)

“Subject: What A Service!


Hi there,

I just HAD to send you this message after the UNBELIEVABLE service I
have received since joining WPMU DEV just a week ago.

Since joining, my site has gone from what looked good but amateurish
to something that represents a sophisticated, insanely powerful and
professional site, all after spending just $79 on a months membership,
in order to see what you guys were all about.

I have come across a couple of issues and bugs in a theme I chose and
after contacting Tammie, who wrote the ‘Scholar’ theme I had a new
version of the theme uploaded the SAME day! All issues fixed!

I ask, where on earth can you have in effect, your own personal
programmer for just a few dollars a week?
I’m seriously impressed!

I had an issue with a plugin – I got on LIVE support and had the
problem resolved in minutes!

Everyone who works for WPMU DEV seems very supportive, highly
knowledgeable and super talented and I had to congratulate you – I
will most certainly be subscribing for the full year and if you keep
the hard work up, you have a member for life!

Okay, okay, enough praise but I thought you guys deserved to know
what a great job you do!

Keep it up!
Kindest Regards,
Ross Grant

(www.sharespeak.co.uk – work in progress!)”

Thanks Ross, we’ll definitely be doing our best to make sure we have you as a member for life :)