What does your WordPress business need to grow?

WPMU DEV is proud to write about all things WordPress, to offer free plugins, pro plugins, and courses to help everyone from the new WordPress user to the experienced dev. Now we want to open up our blog to your feedback.

Publishing content is hard. You might have a great strategy around it, but trying to get something out there consistently takes a lot of effort, and it should look directly to the audience for guidance at all times.

We’ve sent out a couple polls, but today let’s hear it here in the comments below, on social media, or wherever else you follow us. What kind of content do you love, or hate? What kind of projects are you undertaking right now, and what problem are you trying to solve? What kind of plugins have made the biggest difference to you, and what kind of courses are you taking at the moment? That could be in the Academy, or elsewhere.

Do you want more plugins to accomplish something specific?

Let us know!

We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of tools to help you get the most out of your WordPress business, and we take your feedback to heart.

Also, we love doing this, and thank you for continuing to make WPMU DEV a valued resource for WordPress developers.

Will Ruff
What does your WordPress business depend on? Let us know in the comments with any answers to any of the above questions.

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  • Just Being Me

    Well @Will Ruff, currently, my primary projects include a couple law firms, a printing company, and the next great thing to happen to books on the web, For Book Lovers Only.

    The largest hurdles with primary accounts and smaller jobs is always the same, communication, we need tools that allow us to communicate status, progress, or content requests without having to make contact and await replies every time.

    I believe once we grasp a better hold on communication and updating clients automatically, things will improve greatly.

    What kind of plugins has made the biggest difference?
    I would, hands down, say that the winner here is the HUB, being able to handle and review the status of plugins all in one place, that’s just dang handy.

    What courses are you taking?
    I am going through the “JavaScript for Experienced Developers” course at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/javascript-for-experienced-developers-14430 , I try to always be doing something to further my skills even when it is something like this that we use everyday in WP.
    What kind of content do you love?
    The informational and sexy kind!

  • New Recruit

    About 85% of business users use Outlook as their email client. Your emails deliver text that is close to too small to read in Outlook in email previewer. The emails are NOT responsive in Outlook and text flows off the screen to the right requiring right-scrolling. There is no word-wrap in your emails in Outlook. Thought you’d like to know… you know… UI/UX.

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    First off, let me say thank you for this opportunity to leave my feedback here. Much appreciated.

    As to your questions, here are my thoughts:

    1. What kind of content do you love, or hate?
    I love all the content.

    What would be extremely helpful for me personally is if you could actually make an online database categorizing all the posts you write. I save all these newsletters because I know I’ll need to find the information again. But, I have to look through dozens of posts to find the information you wrote about. A categorized, cross-referenced, online database of posts would make an extremely valuable resource for people like me who need to research a specific topic.

    2. What kind of projects are you undertaking right now, and what problem are you trying to solve?
    I have decided to try to become a developer. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to create a testing site on my computer. Once that is accomplished, then I will be able to begin to develop with WordPress and explore its myriad of wonders. I have been extremely challenged in how to actually do this but am hopeful that I’ll eventually figure it out.

    I am currently working at installing Local by Flywheel. Everyone seems to really like this platform. I have been trying to get it onto my machine but it wouldn’t work. Today I discovered that I needed to go into BIOS and enable virtualization on my new laptop in order to get Virtualbox, which is what Local runs on, to work properly. After spending an hour trying to figure that one out, I was then told by Microsoft that in order to run virtual machines I must upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for the princely sum of $99. Do you know if that’s correct? Do all developers on PC’s have Windows 10 Pro? Isn’t it possible to run Local by Flywheel on a regular PC with just the Windows 10 Home edition? I’d really like to know the answer to that one. I’ve already nearly broken my new computer trying to install Vagrant and Virtualbox, which was a disaster because there are no really good videos of how to actually operate the software to develop sites.

    As becoming a developer is a long and arduous journey, and my memory is challenged by all new things, I have decided to make videos of my experiences. I will be putting them on youtube under the moniker, GranniePress. Hope you like the name. My ultimate goal is to instruct seniors in such a way that they can understand the processes being demonstrated. I am hopeful that WordPress experts and developers will agree to be interviewed as a means to broaden the scope and understanding of the topics to be discussed. Any suggestions on how to contact people who might be willing to be interviewed would be greatly appreciated.

    3. What kind of plugins have made the biggest difference to you, and what kind of courses are you taking at the moment?
    Being a member of WPMUDEV has been a tremendous value to me in large part due to the extensive catalog of courses, which I am currently working my way through, and all the wonderful plugins you make available for FREE!

    Most important for me are Defender and Automate. Without Defender, I would have lost my site again to hackers. But since installing that plugin, I feel as if I now have a huge wall surrounding my site which is not as easy as it once was to penetrate.

    Automate is also extremely helpful because it really puts my mind at ease knowing everything is being updated automatically.

    My biggest problem is how to locate support for the plugins. For example, I wanted to verify my site with Google, Pinterest, et al, but couldn’t figure it out. I used the Smartcrawl plugin, but it made the Google code appear at the top of every page. I had to uninstall the plugin to get rid of it. I couldn’t figure out how to get to the Smartcrawl support people for that problem. Regular WPDEV support could not help me.

    Locating support generally is a challenge because I have to keep clicking on the support tab which takes me to another page where I again have to hit support. This usually takes three steps to finally get to a chat or ticket. That process could be improved. That being said, your support techs are fantastic! They are so patient and kind and I’m extremely grateful for all the help they’ve given me over the years. Three cheers for the fabulous Support Techs!!!

    In regards to courses, I’ve been working my way through the Academy but have been stymied on a few occasions and not able to get beyond a certain level. However, they are well done and very informative. I just need to be able to get some answers to move forward and WPDEV support has not been able to help. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully, this time next year, when I’ll be 69 years old, I’ll be a full-fledged developer. How many Grannie’s do you know that have taken on a whole new career this late in life? I’ve been studying code but have a long way to go on that subject. I keep reminding myself it’s not rocket science and my little gray cells are still able to learn, albeit at a snails pace. Javascript here I come!

    It’s been a real delight to have been a member of WPMUDEV since 2008. Thanks so much for welcoming me into the sandbox to play with the big kids, who are always so very kind and patient, trying to train a technically challenged dinosaur from days gone by, to become a Grannie Goddess of WordPress aka GranniePress.

    You’re all Fabulous!
    All the best, Pat

  • Ben
    The Reaper

    plugin stability and known issues are critical…the worst thing is wasting time finding a bug you already know about.

    The hub would be the perfect place for showing the bugs already known with the wpmudev plugins that are being worked on by the devs, so that we can prepare our own workarounds for the bugs till the bugs are fixed without having to tear apart our systems to re-confirm a bug. Having the known bugs hidden from people using the plugins is a severe problem that keeps repeating itself and creates and inefficiency for both customers and customer service and sls team.

  • Currently, I propose the development of a plugin, a plugin that facilitates the implementation of the individual points of the GDPR.
    Periodically, points change or new ones are added. Keeping track of things here is not easy. At the same time, website visitors want to quickly find their point on data protection.
    Friendly greetings from Germany

  • The Bug Hunter

    I’ve been a loyal WPMU Dev supporter for many years. I’d like to be able to say the plugins are the best in their field but the truth is I haven’t used them on a commercial project for quite some time.

    I’d like to see a focus on standardising the plugins, making key ones integrate seamlessly with no bloat.

    Make Marketpress a real alternative to Woocommerce, take the fight to them dudes!

    At the moment I’m mainly creating large membership websites including online academies which need to be able to scale. Nothing quite fits the bill in this area yet. Buddypress is just a bit pants and BBPress is too basic and a bit pants too.

    So if I was WPMU Dev boss man I’d be pushing for a focus in ecommerce, membership, community tools and a decent bloody forum. WP Foro is the best I’ve seen for WP but compared to something like Invision it’s still got a way to go. And of course the ability to hook all these things together easily and on multisite.

    Also you guys are almost able to take on ManageWP with “The Hub”, it just needs a a bit of development to make it a valid competitor. I think a lot of people don’t like GoDaddy (like me) so a viable alternative should do well.

    I think everything above is almost there, but almost there isn’t quite good enough for most projects. So I’d like to be able to say WPMU Dev plugins are the best things for the job, no arguments.

    Hope it happens guys, always been a fan of WPMU Dev. Keep up the good work.

  • Make Sense

    Hi! Making Hub-Features more professional would be a very good thing! To see a good example please take a look at my Feature-Request on Uptime-Monitor: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/hub-uptime-check-hub-uptime-check-avoid-false-negatives-by-advanced-uptime-checks-like-des#post-1328474
    Take a look at what your competitors are doing and make it better :)
    Another example is Automate, a really cool feature, i like a lot! A more advanced feature could be an option that in case an update went wrong not just to send an alert, but to try to automatically restore the backup that was made before the update went wrong. Like that i could take my time to take care of the problem.

  • The Incredible Code Injector

    I’d love to see Hummingbird upgraded a bit. Right now, GTMetrix reports I need defer parsing of javascript in order to lower my page load time. I thought Hummingbird helped with that but it took installing other plugins to eliminate those issues. I installed “autoptimize” and “Embed Video Thumbnail” which has really helped my page load speed. The later plugin helps because I have many youtube videos embedded into my page and I had no idea that each one loaded it’s own javascript and was delaying my overall page load speed. It would be great if Hummingbird could do that as easy as this plugin and “autoptimize”.

    I do really love all of your tutorial articles especially for multisite. I’m a happy WPMU Dev member. Love having the live support too!

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