What’s New For WordPress 3.2: A Fitter, Happier, More Productive Release

What’s New For WordPress 3.2: A Fitter, Happier, More Productive Release

Curious about what new goodies and improvements you’ll be getting in WordPress 3.2? We’ve got the latest scoop for you.

Thankfully, you can expect a faster release cycle than WordPress 3.1, so you’re bound to see these changes realized sooner than last time. Mark Jaquith outlined the changes that are coming with this next release. Here are some of the highlights:

New PHP and MySQL Requirements

PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5 will be required if you want to upgrade to WordPress 3.2. If you’re not sure what you’re running on your server, check out How to Check if Your Server is Ready for WordPress 3.2 Requirements.

Distraction-Free Writing

The WordPress team is aiming to make the writing experience more lightweight and calming. This will be perhaps the most exciting and visible update to the WordPress platform in the 3.2 release. Plans are to replace the current fullscreen content editor with a more simple and aesthetically pleasing for distraction-free writing. The team is looking to WriteRoom, OmmWriter, QuietWrite, and the Zen plugin for inspiration.

Upgrade Improvements

The process of performing WordPress upgrades will be refined so that changed-files-only upgrades can be completed without major changes to the core. This new upgrade process will be a gradual change, starting with updates from point to point within the same major version and eventually progressing to more dramatic jumps from older versions to the latest.

Speed Improvements

WordPress will be dropping support for outdated technologies in order to make the core faster and lighter. Possibilities include PHP lazy loading, a patch to make the WordPress admin menu load faster, and FTP improvements to make upgrades faster.

Discussions concerning a new default theme for 2011 are also underway, but there’s nothing to announce yet. Make sure that you’re subscribed here and we’ll keep you updated on the latest for the WordPress 3.2 release.

What do you think about the focus for 3.2? Is there anything you wish WordPress would prioritize?