Which Payment Gateways Do You Want MarketPress to Support?

MarketPress has received quite a few updates and new features recently, including two new payment gateways: Cubepoints and eWay Shared Payments. Coding gateways can take quite a bit of time and ongoing support in order to maintain them. That’s why we have been focusing our efforts on delivering you the most popular payment gateways.

MarketPress currently supports PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net AIM, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Moneybookers, eWay shared payments, Cubepoints, Manual Payments and PayPal Chained Payments gateways. You can also use these as a base to create your own payment gateways.

Let us know if we’re missing any gateways that are critical to the store(s) you’re building by voting in this poll:

Thanks for your feedback! We look forward to releasing more gateways in the near future. Please feel free to comment with any feedback that may be helpful in our decision for the next gateway to support.