Celebrating 1000 Editions Of The WhiP! + Special Giveaway

Celebrating 1000 Editions Of The WhiP! + Special Giveaway

With its hand-picked selection of WordPress news and epic puns, The WhiP has been a welcome arrival in thousands of inboxes for over 6 years. And to celebrate our fav newsletter reaching the big 1K we’re doing an extra-special giveaway.

May 14th, 2014.

Just your typical Wednesday.

All of Me by John Legend was the US number one, and we’d finally finished eating all of our Easter eggs.

At 8am, 70 people across the world received an email. An email that would be the start of something amazing…

…it was the first ever WhiP.

A look at the first edition of The Whip
A lot has changed since the first WhiP newsletter graced our inboxes.

Good, Clean[ish] Puns

Since that first edition, we’ve seen 1,000 editions, a truckload of legendary puns, and the audience currently sits at over 200K subscribers.

Each and every week, we’ve brought you a roundup of important and interesting news from across the WordPress biz – and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

We also can’t celebrate 1,000 editions without paying homage to our past WhiP contributors. Especially Joshua Dailey and Raelene Morey – the first ever WhiP Team.

They did an awesome job at bringing this idea to life and that it’s still going more than six years later is a testament to all their hard work.

Some kind comments from WhiP readers
The WhiP’s punny take on WP news continues to entertain thousands.

GIF it Away, GIF it Away Now

Alright now that we’ve recapped The WhiP’s journey and how awesome it is (subscribe here if you haven’t yet silly), onto the special giveaway!

The WhiP is of course famous for its use of puns to bring even the most boring WP news to life. And we’ve had tons of feedback over the years letting us know that you love our puns.

So much so, current WhiP-master, Rick, used the “Do you know who I am?!” line in Starbucks last week when they only gave him one shot of caramel in his latte.

So in the spirit of The WhiP’s punny nature, we’re giving you the chance to…

WIN one of 10 custom-made “punny” WhiP t-shirts + a year’s worth of hosting.

That’s right, we decided to honor some of the best puns by turning them into awesome, punny t-shirts and putting them up for grabs in a sweet little giveaway!

Winners will be able to choose from six puntastic WhiP shirts we designed especially for this promotion. You’ll also be able to choose your preferred design, size, color, etc.

But wait, there’s more…

Along with the shirts, we’re throwing in ONE YEAR’S worth of bronze hosting credit ($120) for our 10 winners!

*If you don’t host with us and aren’t planning on switching any time soon, you can spend your credits on anything else from our range. This includes any of our membership plans and subscriptions or add-ons for your favorite WPMU DEV plugins.

Choosing the top puns to print on the t-shirts was a difficult task. But after trawling through hundreds of previous WhiPs and then a team vote to narrow it down even further, we present to you our six favorites.

Winners can choose from one of these 6 puntastic t-shirt designs:

All hand-picked from previous WhiP editions and designed by us especially for this giveaway!

1.You Had Me at “Hello World”

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

2.Never Gonna Give You App

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

3.Cache Me If You Can

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

4.You Have The Right To Domain Silent

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

5.Don’t Worry, Be HaPHP

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

6.Go Hard Or Go Chrome

One of the shirt designs winners can get their hands on

Which punny shirt is your fav? Let us know below.

How do I get my hands on one of these WhiP t-shirts and the free hosting??

To win one of these awesome t-shirts (and the free hosting cred), head to one of our social media accounts and simply retweet, share, or comment on any social post with the hashtag “#WhiP1000.”

That’s it! We’ll draw 10 winners using a random number generator, and the more times you retweet, share, or comment on a WhiP post, the more entries you’ll have in the pool.

One more condition… You’ll need to be subscribed to the WhiP to be in the running – this is all in honor of the 1000th edition after all!

If you aren’t yet subscribed (what rock have you been living under?!) you can do so here.

Finally, you have until Friday to enter and we’ll be contacting the lucky WhiP winners next week!

Here are our social media accounts for reference:

Facebook icon
twitter logo
Instagram logo

Pun and Dusted

Get sharing and commenting on social, and may the odds be in your favor!

To all our loyal WhiP subscribers, especially those who’ve been rocking with us since day one, we thank you.

We know it’s cliché, but reaching 1000 editions simply would not have been possible without you.

And to any new or recent subscribers, welcome to the WhiP family, and we hope you’ll stick around and laugh with us throughout the next 1000 editions!

Here are those ways to win one more time in case it didn’t sink in above:

  • On Twitter… retweet any WPMU DEV post with the hashtag #WhiP1000.
  • On Facebook… share or comment on any WPMU DEV post with the hashtag #WhiP1000.
  • On Instagram… comment on any WPMU DEV post with the hashtag #WhiP1000.
  • You must be subscribed to The WhiP to be eligible.
  • Contest ends this Friday the 23rd of October.
  • The 10 lucky winners will be contacted next week.

See you on the next WhiPPing punny newsletter.

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What do you think of our special WhiP t-shirt designs? Would you wear one proudly? Let us know in the comments.