White Label Your Site With Latest Release of Ultimate Branding

White Label Your Site With Latest Release of Ultimate Branding

We’ve updated Ultimate Branding make it easier than ever to stamp your brand on the backend of your WordPress site.

Update: 02/19/2019 Ultimate Branding got a superhero upgrade. Welcome Branda 3.0 with refactored code, an all new UI/UX, new style templates, and bulk module controls.

Since Ultimate Branding was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Ultimate Branding

The latest release, version 1.7, includes an eye-catching new user interface, unlimited menus and an awesome CSS editing area for the Custom Admin Bar section, along with a fantastic background color picker for footer content in the Global Footer Content area.

Download the latest version of Ultimate Branding and white label your site or Multisite network – make your site yours, not WordPress’s.

New Features in Ultimate Branding

The Custom Admin Bar and Global Footer Content sections have been given a lot of love in this release.

Custom Admin Bar

  • Revamped User Interface: We’ve updated the UI to make it simpler and easier to navigate and use.
  • Unlimited menus and submenus: Now you can have as many menus and submenus as you like in the admin bar.
  • Order parent and child menus: Reorder your menus for easy navigation.
  • Link to an email address: Let your users or clients contact you directly when they need help.
  • Admin Bar CSS Styles: A new CSS editing area lets you style the Admin Bar so you can completely personalize its look and feel.
Custom Admin Bar
Style the Admin Bar with your own links and access to your help content.

Global Footer Content

  • Separate global footer content for main site and sub-sites: Now you can specify a custom message for the bottom of your main site’s backend, as well as a special message for your network’s users.
  • Background colorpicker for footer content: Add a background color to your footer message to make it really stand out.
  • Footer content height: Change the height of your footer content so it doesn’t go unseen or unnoticed.
Global Footer Content
Replace the default footer content with your own and remind your users who created your site.

Ultimate Branding Gives You Back Control

Removing all traces of WordPress from your site or Multisite network has many advantages.

Having WordPress branding sitting alongside your own can cause unnecessary confusion for your users. The login page is just one example where WordPress pushes your branding to one side.

White-labelling can also add in security though obfuscation when use in combination with other techniques.

Ultimate Branding offers 12 areas of customization:

  • Custom Images: Replace the favicon and the login page image
  • Custom Admin Bar: Allows a custom menu to be added to the Admin Bar as well as control over which items should appear in the WordPress menu (incidentally, changing the favicon also changes the image used in the WordPress menu)
  • Email From Headers: A favorite topic, change the From email address and sender name in WordPress generated emails such as the welcome email for new users and password reset notifications.
  • Custom Widgets: Remove widgets (no need for clients to see the latest news from the WP Planet) from the Dashboard and automatically rebrand the Meta widget (remove WordPress.org)
  • Custom Help Content: this allows extensive customization of the often overlooked and under-utilized admin Help tab. Add any number of pages and a sidebar to provide users with all the help they need.
  • Custom Footer Content: Specify content (HTML allowed, including media) to be added to the bottom of every page of both the site and the admin area.
  • Custom Header Content: Add content to the top of every page of a site.
  • Remove Permalinks Menu: Activate to remove the Permalinks menu option from Settings
  • Site Generator: Customize the content of the automatically inserted generator meta tag.
  • Text Change: A powerful function that can do a global search and replace on all text across a site or even a network. Use with care!
  • Custom CSS: Add custom CSS to the header of every admin page or to the site’s login page.
  • Ultimate Color Scheme: The most recent addition, this not allows control over the available color schemes (including forcing the use of a particular scheme) but also provides a fully customizable new Ultimate color scheme.

Download Ultimate Branding today and re-brand your WordPress site.