Woo With MarketPress 2.9: Now with Universal Analytics

Woo With MarketPress 2.9: Now with Universal Analytics

We’re stepping up the game with the latest version of MarketPress, giving you an even more comprehensive WordPress eCommerce platform in one tidy and beautifully coded box.

MarketPress sets the standard for WordPress eCommerce solutions, providing an elegant shopping experience that supports all major payment gateways and allows you to easily manage distribution and shopping costs with custom shipping options.

Why spend thousands of dollars on cowboy-coded extensions and add-ons? There’s no need to purchase extra add-ons or special licenses when MarketPress brings together the power of dozens of different plugins in one solid standalone product.


Easily sell physical products or digital products with MarketPress. Shipping, coupons, sales pricing, unlimited product variations and just some of this plugin’s features.

MarketPress works great with any WordPress theme and even better with AJAXy goodness. Want to set up your own network of stores like eBay or Etsy? Multisite compatibility allows you to do just that.

Want to set up a store in Spain? Or even China? MarketPress has been fully internationalized by the crew at WPML.

Highlights in MarketPress 2.9 include:

  • Compatibility with Google Universal Analytics
  • Stripe embedded form button
  • Pinterest “Rich Pins” with advanced oembed endpoint
  • Show related products option
  • Pickup in-store shipping option
  • Ability to assign a custom per-order limit to a product
  • Settings to turn off downloadable product default 1 per order limit
  • Product and category coupons
  • HTTPS support for custom styles
  • 18 new currencies, various bug fixes and other improvements

Retain Loyal Customers With Google Universal Analytics Compatibility

MarketPress is now fully compatible with Google Universal Analytics.

Google Universal Analytics
Track and monitor your traffic and sales and find out how to attract and retain loyal customers.

Customers today use multiple devices to buy products online. Once upon a time sites just counted site traffic to gauge customer engagement, but this has evolved into technology that also measures your effectiveness in advertising, sales, product usage, support, and retention. Ultimately, this sort of integrated measurement can help you deliver the best service, products and experiences for your customers to get a more “complete vision of the entire marketing funnel.”

With Google Universal Analytics integration in MarketPress, track and monitor your traffic and sales and measure how people actually become and remain loyal customers.

Product and Category Coupons

This one was one of our most requested features – the ability to add per product or per category coupons, so coupons only work for a specific product or category of product.

Are all the winter gloves in your store on sale? Now you can select only gloves to be 25 per cent off.

Checkout is Even Simpler for Stripe Users

We’ve made it easier for Stripe users to checkout with the addition of the Stripe embedded form button, allowing customers to easily make payments with the click of a button.

A Richer Pinterest Experience with Rich Pins

Pinterest product pins
Take advantage of Pinterest Rich Pins with price and stock information to drive traffic to your online store.

As the third most popular social media networking site in the world, Pinterest can help drive site traffic and boost sales on your site. We’ve added Rich Pins along with advanced oembed support so your pinned products display information about  real-time pricing, availability and where to buy.

Easily Display Related Products

Keep users browsing through your products with our new related products option. Don’t let customers looking for a decent DSLR camera arrive at your site only to disappear moments later after scrolling through the product information. Display similar products at similar prices and help customers find the right product while spending more time on your site.

Pickup In-Store Now a Shipping Option

MarketPress shipping options
Allow your customers to pick up purchased goods directly from your store or warehouse with our new in-store pickup shipping option.

It doesn’t make sense to charge customers shipping if they live in the same area as your warehouse. Our new pickup in-store option allows you to cater to customers who live close by your store on warehouse and can pick up products without the need for shipping.

Custom Per-Order Limits for Products

Do you want to sell aged bottles of whiskey or rare back t-shirts, but want to limit sales to one per customer? We’ve added the ability to assign a custom per-order limit to a product so you can control your stock levels and what customers are able to purchase.

Turn Off Downloadable Product Default

In previous versions of MarketPress, customers could only buy one digital product per order because many sellers didn’t want to allow someone to pay for the same file multiple time. We’ve updated the plugin to allow the purchase of more than one digital product per order, allowing the sale of licenses or tickets.

And This is Just the Beginning…

MarketPress single product
MarketPress comes with robust theming support, support for all major currencies, is ready to go for tax and VAT, and also supports stock tracking and order management and alerts.

We’ve ramped up the development of MarketPress ahead of version 3.0 due out later in the year. We’re going to raise the bar even higher with design improvements on top of even more upgrades.

MarketPress has been in development since 2009 and in that time has picked up an incredible code and user base. We’re constantly updating MarketPress to meet the requirements of selling products now, not yesterday.

The Complete MarketPress 2.9 List of Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Added compatibility with Google Universal Analytics
  • Added Stripe embedded form button
  • Added Pinterest “Rich Pins” w/advanced oembed endpoint
  • Added show related products option
  • Added Pickup in-store shipping option
  • Added ability to assign a custom per-order limit to a product
  • Add setting to turn off downloadable product default 1 per order limit
  • Added filters to many template functions
  • Minor bugfixes on Simplify gateway
  • Deleted orders are now removed from usermeta
  • Fixed bug with 2checkout where amount was returning more than 2 decimal places
  • Added Russian Rubles to Paypal currencies and locale
  • Fix php warnings when switching between non-calculated shipping modules
  • Fix bug with which gateway is shown when switching global cart in network settings
  • Fix possible rounding error in Stripe gateway
  • In Calculated Shipping plugins changed so if all weights in an order are zero then show Free Shipping
  • In FedEx fixed problem with calculating the correct number of packages.
  • Added https support for custom styles in the wp-content/marketpress-styles/ directory.
  • Added ajax checkout error flag which is set when ajax starts and reset when ajax is finished. Prevents form submits from aborting shipping lookups.
  • Removed apply_filters(“mp_shipping_options_… call in extra_shipping_box_label() It passes nulls instead of an address so it can’t properly recalculate the options anyway.
  • Changes to USPS to standardize across the calculated shipping plugins.
  • Make messages visual editor css more specific to avoid conflicts
  • Add US Virgin Islands to USPS allowed base country list
  • Added 4 new currencies to PayMill payment gateway (BGN, HRK, GIP, RON)
  • Added 3 new currencies to PIN payment gateway (SGD, EUR and GBP)
  • Added Australian Dollars (AUD) currency to Stripe payment gateway
  • Added Norwegian Krone (NOK) currency to Skrill / MoneyBookers payment gateway
  • Added 8 new currencies to 2CheckOut payment gateway (AED, ILS, LTL, PHP, RON, RUB, SGD, TRY)
  • Added 2 new currencies to Authorize.net AIM payment gateway (AUD and NZD)
  • Add filter so certain products can be excluded from GA tracking
  • Pass manual gateway instuctions through wpautop() and allow shortcodes in it
  • Remove encoded html from PayPal IPN strings http://wp.mu/7s9
  • Delay upgrade rewrite flush to end of init hook http://wp.mu/7vt
  • Remove retired Google checkout gateway
  • Fixed bug with PayPal Express gateway and coupons where totals would be incorrect after being transferred to PayPal
  • Updated mp_list_products() function to use WP-style arguments – users can still use existing argument style if they wish
  • Added mp_list_products() can now display filters – no need to call mp_products_filter() in your theme template
  • Added mp_list_products() can now display pagination
  • Added mp_products_nav() to display products pagination
  • Fixed some warnings related to shipping fields when checking out
  • Fixed premature deletion of csv import file after previously deleting
  • Fixed old text in Payflow gateway
  • Related products can now be set to use either categories/tags separately or both at the same time
  • Fixed bug when using category filter the page title, menu item, etc would not update accordingly http://wp.mu/8l9
  • Fixed bug when checking out digital downloads and shipping was enabled the user would still be asked to choose a shipping method http://wp.mu/8mz

Download MarketPress today and enjoy the most powerful eCommerce plugin available for WordPress.

We hope you enjoy this release. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything you feel we’ve missed and can roll into 3.0 for you.

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