WordCamp NYC in Review: A Collection of Slide Presentations for WPMU and BuddyPress

If you’re like me and were not able to make it to Word Camp NYC, you’ve been wildly monitoring the twitter feeds to make sure that you didn’t miss anything important.

A big thank you to David Bisset who set up the “I Wish I Was at Word Camp” site to stream twitter feeds from many of the WordPress influencers who were in attendance. Those of us who didn’t make it were able to keep up to the minute with topics of conversation, as well as links to resources that were presented at Word Camp. I took some time to collect a few of the WPMU and BuddyPress-related material that would be pertinent to our readers. Check out some of the slides and news from the community below.

Creating Community with BuddyPress – Lisa Sabin Wilson

Quick Summary:
These slides are a short introduction to using BuddyPress to build a community and it includes several mini-case studies of how people are currently using it. There is also an excellent, simple walk through of how the parent/child theme framework operates.

BuddyPress Groups API – Andy Peatling

Quick Summary:
This set of slides Andy Peatling outlines the necessity for the BuddyPress Groups Extension API, which makes it simple to build new group features.

Hyperlocal Journalism, Meet BuddyPress – Ted Mann

Quick Summary:
Tedd Mann outlines a new model for journalism that allows citizens to engage with the ability to author posts and create their own profiles. This user-generated content combined with contributions from veteran journalists creates a collaboration environment that has become a new model for journalism. BuddyPress can be much more than just a social networking platform!

Developing BuddyPress as a Collaboration Hub – Boone Gorges

Quick Summary:
These slides focus on how to develop BuddyPress for the purposes of connecting and collaborating. With the ease of bbPress integration in BuddyPress 1.1, getting your collaboration hub off the ground is easier than ever.