WordPress 3.0 and WPMU DEV

WordPress 3.0 and WPMU DEV

So, WordPress 3.0 has arrived and I bet you are wondering what that means for WPMU DEV members… well, let me tell you the good news!

Every WPMU DEV plugin is now 3.0 compatible – Yep, that’s right we’ve upgraded every single plugin in the space of a single day (of course we’ve been working like heck to get them ready for months now…)

Every WPMU DEV theme is now 3.0 compatible – Same deal, we’ve been working night and day to make our themes 3.0 ready for members.

WPMU DEV <hearts> WordPress 3.0 – Despite the lame terminology changes, we still love 3.0 and are looking forward to changing all of our branding to reflect the fact that we now support WordPress, Multisite & BuddyPress.

So, you can expect to see a heap of new plugins and themes that take advantage of this new version of WordPress over the next few months and years… and you can rest assured that whenever there’s a new version of WordPress or BuddyPress, we’ll be there with revised versions of our downloads and full support.

It’s all part of our upgrade and support guarantee!

Upgrades and Support Guaranteed