WordPress 3.2 RC2 Available for Download

WordPress 3.2 RC2 Available for Download

Every day the launch of WordPress 3.2 edges a bit closer. With the arrival of WordPress 3.2 RC2 it’s so close that I can smell all of that freshly pressed code. Delicious! If you haven’t tested yet, now’s the time as we’re now in the final stages.

Changes made since RC1 include a number of tweaks to Twenty-Eleven, new theme support for randomized headers, and various RTL fixes.

WordPress are recommending that it’s not time for plugin and theme authors to be testing out their plugins and themes now to make sure that there are no compatiblity issues with the new version. Users are also encouraged to test and inform plugin developers of any problems.

If you experience any problems with WordPress 3.2 RC2 you can let WP know in the following way:

You can download WordPress 3.2 RC2 from WordPress.org