Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install (Part 2)

The Famous WordPress 5-Minute Install:
Creating Databases

WordPress 5 Minute Install“With our famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is simple.”

~ WordPress.org

This is the second article in the Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install article series. The first segment of the series can be read by visiting:

  1. WordPress 5 Minute Install: Before You Begin

This series reveals what all the mumble, jumble and jargon within the WordPress.org codex sounds like from a beginner’s perspective. We methodically pick apart the WordPress 5 Minute Install process to study it and explain what it means. Our goal is to guide beginners to a point where they will actually be able to use the WordPress 5 minute install handy guide.

The WordPress 5 Minute Install Step 2

From WordPress.org

2. Create a database for WordPress on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.

What it means for beginners:

A beginner is thinking… Whoa! Wait a minute, MySQL? Isn’t that some kind of code? I don’t know any code. How am I going to be able to do this? Oh man, now what do I do?

Once again, don’t panic. Lets just break it down into the easy terms starting with creating the database. A database lives in one area of your server while files, live in another area. We are going to be working in the area to where the database will live on your server.

  • We get the directions to our server from that email we got from host (the host is taking care of our server for us).
  • Type the URL (the web address) into your browser’s URL window (the browser is the program on your computer that lets you access the internet, ie. FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer).
  • When the log in page opens, add your username
  • Add your password
  • Go, submit or enter to send your access information

Now you are on your server. All servers are not the same, so finding where you need to be to create a database may take you a little while. Take your time. Look for an area to enter that says databases, or MySQL databases or something like that. Don’t worry, there won’t be any code editing during this step. MySQL is just the language of the database.

Once you enter the database area, stop for a second and think of a database like it is a store. A store that is a private store. A store that only certain users can use. And a store where the users can only use the store if they have the password and the correct permission.

Luckily, our hosting provider provides everything we will need to do this by simply filling out a couple of small forms. Knowing what is expected ahead of time allows us to create our database in a matter of about 10 clicks of our mouse. The scenery looks visually different from server to server but the process is basically the same.

WordPress 5 Minute Install: Creating DatabasesA technique that I like to use when creating a database is to keep a copy of the database name (store name), the username and the password in a plain text file (.txt extension) or on my computer’s sticky note. We will need all three of these items to complete our WordPress 5 minute install.

In order to create our database (this store) we first have to name our database.

  • you may choose anything for the database name (the server will let you know if it is unacceptable)
  • be sure to make note of what the full database name is (include the information on both sides of the underscore and the underscore(s) are included)

We will need to define a user and give them a password.

  • you may choose anything for a username (the server will let you know if it is unacceptable)
  • be sure to make note of what the full username is (include the information on both sides of the underscore and the underscore(s) are included)
  • choose a password – This is password will only ever need to be known and used with this database so go ahead and make it different from any other password you have and make it strong! Using the password generator within your database creator will make sure that you get a very strong password.
  • be sure to make not of what the password – better yet, copy and paste it some place that you can easily retrieve.

Next, we need to tell the user which store they are allowed to enter. In addition, we need to select which permission privileges to allow them when they are in the store. This step may or may not be required depending on your hosting provider. In a cPanel environment (one of the most common control panels that United States hosting providers use) it is required.

  • match the database name you used above to the username that you created above
  • select “Add” to open the privileges page
  • check “All Privileges”
  • and “Make Changes”

And that is all there is to creating a database for the WordPress 5 minute install process. Easy peasey.

Beginner Tips for the WordPress 5 minute Install

How to Create a Database for WordPress 5 Minute InstallOnce you take your self through the process of creating a database once, it becomes easier to understand. You will also find all kinds of “creating a database” video tutorials available online for each type of hosting provider. In most cases your hosting provider will likely be able to point you to where to go for their own “creating a database” tutorial.

If you are still uncomfortable and simply wish to have someone lead you through this process, there are people out there who can show you how with 1-on-1 instruction (shameless plug – I am one of them and I love to help beginners) in about an hours time.

On the other hand, if you truly feel this is beyond your ability or just don’t want to take the time to do your own WordPress 5 minute install, there are many web developers available. Keep in mind, most web developers do have a minimum rates and/or time. You can always (another shameless plug and link…) hire someone to do your WordPress 5 minute install for you.