Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install (Part 3)

The Famous WordPress 5-Minute Install:
Rename Config File

WordPress 5 Minute Install“With our famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is simple.”

~ WordPress.org

This is the third article in the Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install article series. Read other segments:

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This series reveals what all the mumble, jumble and jargon within the WordPress.org codex sounds like from a beginner’s perspective. We methodically pick apart the WordPress 5 Minute Install process to study it and explain what it means. Our goal is to guide beginners to a point where they will actually be able to use the WordPress 5 minute install handy guide.

The WordPress 5 Minute Install Step 3

From WordPress.org

3. Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php.

What it means for beginners:

“Do what to the what? First of all, I have NO idea what the wp-config.php is, much less where to find it. Gee whiz, I really feel stupid!”

First, you are NOT stupid. A Google search of wp-config-sample.php returns over 4 million results. Even searching through the top 10 results will confuse any real WordPress beginner. As a beginner there is no way to know which of the articles would be referring to the file that we really need. It all goes back to understanding how files are structured and the software that we want to use.

Take a big deep breath and let it out. This will be the easiest of all the steps during the WordPress 5 minute install process.

Unzipping Files for WordPress 5 Minute InstallBack during step 1 of the WordPress 5 minute install process we had to download a number of things. One of the things that we downloaded and that we should still have on our computer is the zipped WordPress package. This is the step where we get to unzip (open) the package.

Go to the place on your computer where you had downloaded the WordPress software package (if you are not sure where that is, check the “downloads” folder that is on your computer – by default this is how most computers are configured). Once you get the package, we need to unwrap it or, in this case, unzip it.

  • Unzip the WordPress software file. Typically a click or double-click will open the package.

Unzip the file to reveal a wordpress folder.

Double clicking on the folder will open it so you can see all the contents in this folder.

  • Double click on the wordpress folder. This will open the folder to reveal all the files needed in order for WordPress to work.

These WordPress files the will eventually be the root level directory and core of your website once it is in its home on your server. But that is another step. The only file that we need concern ourselves with right now is the wp-config-sample.php file.

The wp-config-sample.php file is in the root level of this folder. That just means that we do not need to dig any deeper into other folders to see it. Thankfully, files and folders are also listed alphabetically, so it should be relatively easy to find the wp-config-sample.php file.

  • Locate the wp-config-sample.php file.
  • Click on the wp-config-sample.php file name. It should highlight or select the line that the file is on.

WordPress 5 Minute Install - Step 3

  • Use your mouse and place your cursor over the file name and click just before the extension (the extension is the .php part of the file name)
  • Delete all the letters and the hyphen leaving the desired file name.

WordPress 5 Minute Install               WordPress 5 Minute Install - Step 3

  • Press return or enter on your keyboard or click anywhere outside of the file line to complete the name change.

You have just completed renaming the file and completed Step 3 of the WordPress 5 minute install. I told you it was easy. You are probably beginning to understand why WordPress claims it is simple.

Beginner Tips for the WordPress 5 minute Install

By going through the process we did during this segment of the WordPress 5 minute install, I was able to show you and explain to you a bit about file structure. File structure is all pretty much the same where ever it is.

By now you should also have all the other software that we downloaded from Step 1 installed on your computer. If not, now is the time to get that text editor.

In the next segment of the WordPress 5 minute install we will start using our text editor. A text editor is not the same as a word processor so be sure that you have the correct type of software on your computer. A text editor is a source code editor which means that it will be able to edit code. Here again, are the names and  links to some text editors:

The free text editors:

Premium text editors.

Don’t freak out on us now. I promise, we will be gentle and show you exactly what to do. Congratulations! You have made it half way through the entire WordPress 5 minute install process.