Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install (Part 6)

The Famous WordPress 5-Minute Install:
Run the Script

WordPress 5 Minute Install“With our famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is simple.”

~ WordPress.org

This is the sixth and last article in the Dissecting the WordPress 5 Minute Install article series. Read the entire series:

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This series reveals what all the mumble, jumble and jargon within the WordPress.org codex sounds like from a beginner’s perspective. We methodically pick apart the WordPress 5 Minute Install process to study it and explain what it means. Our goal is to guide beginners to a point where they will actually be able to use the WordPress 5 minute install handy guide.

The WordPress 5 Minute Install Step 6

From WordPress.org

Run the WordPress installation script by accessing wp-admin/install.php in a web browser.

  • If you installed WordPress in the root directory, you should visit: http://example.com/wp-admin/install.php
  • If you installed WordPress in its own subdirectory called blog, for example, you should visit: http://example.com/blog/wp-admin/install.php

What it means for beginners:

By now, and with all the detailed explanations within this guide, this may actually make some sense to a beginner. We can still dig a little deeper though. Do you know what a script is?

A script is a small program that executes when the file is loaded or link activated. Here is how it works in WordPress. The installation script is a single file located within all of those WordPress files that we uploaded to our server. Remember how we have two places on our server? One for the database and one for the WordPress files? Well this script file is going to connect the two areas for us.

You can find the path that is required to use the script file by taking a look at the information that WordPress.org provides in their guide.

Path thWordPress 5 Minute Install Script

Access your script by typing your path on your browser using your site information, replacing the example.com with your domain.

  • type the path in your browser to access your wp-install.php script

Complete the form with information that you want your new website to show.

  • Add your site title

Your site title is simply the name of your site. Type in the name of the site that you want your visitors to see once they arrive at your site.

  • Change the username to anything except “admin”.

The WordPress script will ad “admin” as a default username. This is another opportunity to harden or toughen your WordPress website security by adding another layer. By changing your username you have increased your security by making it one step more difficult for hackers to break into your site. This is also one of the steps that many of the one-click installs do not allow you change.

WordPress 5 minute instal Welcome

The information that you add for your username and password will be the information that you use enter the WordPress admin area of your website when you login to your site. The WordPress admin area is also known as the Dashboard and is referred to as the “back-end” of your site.

Your site visitors will not see the back-end of your site, instead, they go to the front-end of your site.

  • Choose a password (pick a strong one)
  • pick an email

The email you choose here is the site’s main email. Be sure to add a valid email as your site will use this email to send you important information from WordPress that can help you keep your site running optimally.

  • Choose your privacy

The last area on the form is the box, that by default is checked, to allow search engines to index your site. One of the ways to let people (and the world-wide web) know that your site exists is to allow the search engines to “see” them. Ticking the box is allowing them to see your site and include it in the search results when people search for things in a search engine (like Google or Bing or YaHoo). It can also be more difficult to get your site seen by the search engines later if you choose to not allow search engines to index your site now.

If you choose to not allow search engines to index your site, when the search engine bots (electronic robots that go out looking for new information and report back to the search engines with their findings) come to your site they will get a request message to ignore your site.

  • Click the Install WordPress button.

This page will show that you have successfully installed your WordPress website.

WordPress 5 Minute Install

Here you will be able to verify what your username is. This is the username you will use on the login page of your site. WordPress expects you to have written down and/or remembered the password from the last page. You will also need your password in order to access the back-end of your site on the login page.

  • Click login

When you login, the WordPress installation script already knows the username and password from the previous step so it will take you directly to your dashboard and the back-end of your site. To see your site from the front-end, type your domain name in your browser.

If you have gotten any installation errors, go back through to step 2 and 3 of your process and check for accuracy. WordPress.com also has an area to explain some of the common installation problems that happen that might cause you to get an error. This link will also have the WordPress.org original installation checklist, the WordPress detailed explanation of the checklist and other troubleshooting knowledge. Don’t worry. You have enough information now to be able to think most of this through and to try some things on your own to see if you can resolve any errors.

Beginner Tips for the WordPress 5 minute Install

WordPress 5 Minute Instal Login From Front-end

You can visit your site from the front-end anytime by typing your site address into any browser.

The default theme that WordPress installs also has a login link in the sidebar on the front-end for you to be able to access the back-end. Many site owners do not want the login area showing on their site’s front end so they remove it and access their site back-end using a direct path to the login page.

WordPress 5 Minute Install Login

The login page for your WordPress website can be accessed anytime by typing your domain name and the wp-admin directory. For example http://YourDomain.com/wp-admin.  The login area will have a place to enter your username, and a password (the same username and password you used during the install on the WordPress welcome page).

From the login page you may also to go directly to the front-end of your site by clicking on the link with the arrow that says “Back to (Your Site Title)”.

At first glance the WordPress 5 Minute install may seem daunting. Reading about the process in detail certainly takes more than 5 minutes.

Knowing what the steps are, what is happening during each step and going through the process several times will prove that your website can actually be done within 5 minutes using the WordPress 5-minute install.