WordPress Advertisement Plugins To Monetize Your Website

WordPress Advertisement Plugins To Monetize Your Website

Online advertising is a mainstay of the internet. It has helped most businesses and individuals earn money online and it’s safe to say internet marketing isn’t going anywhere.

Adding advertising to your WordPress site is simple enough to do and plugins can make the task even easier. But while there are many advertising plugins availably, they aren’t all created equal – even Google’s offical Adsense plugin has received mixed reviews.

The plugins listed below allow you to display ads on your site in the most effective places to optimize your space. You won’t even have to mess with code (though you’re most welcome to if you like).

  • Advanced Advertising System

    Advanced Advertising System plugin

    Advanced Advertising System is a great plugin if you would like to sell advertising space on your site. You can set prices for different spots, add uploaded images for banners, choose the timing for rotations, and schedule ads.

    Ad spaces are determined with a shortcode so you can place them where they look best in your theme. Advertisers, campaigns and ads are all entered manually so it’s easy enough to use our MarketPress plugin to sell spaces and set them up once payments have processed.

    Some of the settings are a little tricky to get right the first time, but overall it’s an easy plugin to install and use and there are a ton of options that can help you to set it up to your specific needs.

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  • Advanced Ads

    Advanced Ads plugin

    Advanced Ads lets you easily place ads on your site and uses a page similar to the post editor to do so. You can also set up ad rotations, scheduling, set expiry dates, and you choose where ads are shown.

    Ads can be displayed on all or specific pages, posts and even tags. You can also choose which visitors see your ads.

    It’s easy to install and set up, but just remember that you need PHP 5.3 or higher for this plugin to work properly. It also integrates with Google Adsense.

  • Corner Ad

    Corner Ad plugin

    As the name suggests, this plugin displays an ad on either of the top corners of your site.

    It looks as though the page is being peeled away at the corner to reveal your ad. When the mouse hovers over it, the ad is expanded to the full size and reveals more information. It also flips backs into position when the mouse moves away.

    It’s a highly configurable plugin that helps grab a visitor’s attention without being over-the-top. Just keep in mind that this plugin requires Flash in order for it to display properly, so it might not work well in all browsers. Usually this isn’t a problem, but it depends on your audience.

  • Ad Plugg

    Ad Plugg plugin

    Ad Plugg is a unique plugin on this list because it includes analytics and other ad tracking features in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of each ad you publish.

    You can choose from several areas on your site where you want ads to appear and there are also options to schedule and rotate them. You do need to create an account on the Ad Plugg website, but it’s free.

    A free account includes up to 100,000 impressions a month and you don’t ever have to upgrade. But if you do need more, the pro plan is affordable and flexible.

  • WordPress Ad Widget

    WordPress Ad Widget

    If you don’t need many options and you would prefer an easy way to display ads in your sidebar without any coding at all, then WordPress Ad Widget is worth considering.

    It’s as easy to install as most other plugins and all it takes to set up is uploading an image and adding a link to the sidebar with this widget. I was able to set one up in less than two minutes and that included the installation process.

    It’s particularly worth mentioning because there is a separate widget included that allows you to add your own Javascript and HTML for added functionality.

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  • Meks Easy Ads Widget

    Meks Easy Ads Widget

    This is another widget that’s super easy to install and use. I find it particularly helpful because it allows you to place ads side-by-side in your site’s sidebar in order to allow you to display more ads in the same amount of space compared to other plugins and widgets.

    It’s particularly helpful if you run a popular blog and you’d like to sell ad space in your sidebar using our MarketPress plugin to create some extra income for yourself. You can create an unlimited number of ads with this plugin so your extra income doesn’t have to be limited.

    It’s easy to install and among the basic options are ad rotation and custom sizing. Still, it’s not the most robust widget available so it may be a great one to use in combination with other plugins on this list.

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  • WP Advertize It

    WP Advertise It plugin

    The WP Advertize It plugin not only works with Google Adsense, but also with Amazon Affiliate links and Commission Junction. All you need to do is paste the ad code into the settings page and select where you want the ad to appear.

    There are lots of locations to choose from including after a post or page’s title, after the first paragraph, in the middle of a post or page, in the sidebar, under the comments or in the footer – just to name a few.

    The settings page is quite long, but it’s not as complicated as it looks on first glance and it’s easy to set up.

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  • Boggle Woggle Adsense

    Boggle Woggle Adsense plugin

    Despite its rather unique name, Boggle Woggle Adsense is actually a fairly useful plugin that allows you to display up to nine different page or post ads and three widget ads.

    You can select ads to appear at the very top of your site before any other content without any extra coding which is unlike the other plugins in this list. Ads can also be shown before, after or in between content on posts or pages.

    Even though its options are otherwise basic, it also lets you display text and links in addition to images making it a bit more flexible than most other plugins.

    Interested in Boggle Woggle Adsense?


These plugins should help get you well on your way to displaying your ads most effectively and even help you make some extra income on the side.

If you’re using Google Adsense and you’re worried about click fraud, check out the well liked Click-Fraud Monitoring plugin to help solve that problem. It’s a free plugin that’s also updated regularly.

With these plugins, all that will be left for you to do is focus on creating great content. To that end, you may find our post The Secrets to Writing WordPress Posts That Convert particularly helpful.

Did I miss any of your favorite ad plugins? Have you had success with any of the ones listed here? Let me know in the comments below.