Grab Your Readers and Make Them Pay Attention to Important Content

Grab Your Readers and Make Them Pay Attention to Important Content

Do you have info your visitors REALLY should pay attention to? If so, then an alert box may be just the way to go.

Alert box plugins let you easily bring attention to content by putting it in a colored box. And on most sites, these boxes will stand out as long as you don’t overuse them.

Below we’ve collected five of the better free ones we could find. Each has different styles and different functionality, and so your own particular needs will dictate which ones might be right for you.

Grabbing your readers’ attention is easier in WordPress than in real life. Just use alert boxes.

1. EMC2 Alert Boxes

The EMC2 Alert Boxes plugin gives you four different colors and both fixed top and bottom positions (in addition to putting the box anywhere in a post).

Here’s a look at each color. It should be noted that each design has a faint stripe look to it.

Here’s a look at the blue in the fixed top position.

And this is a look at the bottom fixed position.

2. Responsive Attention Box

The Responsive Attention Box has three colors to choose from, but it also lets you choose from straight-edged corners or rounded corners. The colors on this plugin, unlike the colors one the one above, are solid.

You can see each color in the screenshot below. The straight-edge boxes are at the top, and the rounded corner boxes are at the bottom. The difference is subtle, but it may help you better match your alert boxes with the design of your theme.

3. Special Text Boxes

The Special Text Boxes plugin is more than just a simple alert box plugin. It’s a whole system for both using predefined text boxes and creating your own.

Here’s a look at some of the predefined boxes.

The real power of the plugin comes in its settings.This plugin, however, can also be a little involved and complicated for the average user.

Here is but a small look at the extensive settings.

As mentioned, the plugin also lets you create your own styles from scratch. It then stores these in the database. Here’s a partial look at that section.

4. Ninja Announcements Lite

The Ninja Announcements Lite plugin doesn’t offer a lot of options or a whole lot of control, but it does let you schedule your alerts to come and go, and so it’s worth mentioning here in case that’s functionality you happen to need.

Stylistically, the plugin will let you place an alert in a few different places, but with the Lite version, it seems you are limited to the yellow background (seen here at the top of the page).

And here’s a look at the settings that set this plugin apart from most others in this category.


5. WP Alert

The WP Alert plugin is a little different from the other alert plugins here in that it doesn’t create boxes that go inside your posts. Instead, it creates a box that stays fixed to either the left or right side margin of your site.

Here’s a look at the settings.

And here’s a quick example.

Alert Box Plugins Can Pull Double Duty

While you normally see boxes of these kind demonstrated with a short bit of text in them, because they use shortcodes for the most part, it’s important to remember that you can put anything you like in these boxes. For example, you can put an entire post in a box.

And so while it’s true that you don’t want to overuse alert boxes if you want something to stand out, if  you’re just looking to liven up your posts a bit, a number of these plugins could help you do that too.

Photo credit: Mysi Ann