WordPress App Store, Really?

You know what I hate? That everything is an “app store” these days. Yeah I know, the shock of me getting to the point right away, huh? Shaking things up is all, and also I’m hungry as hell and that means I’m cranky, which in turn means that I want to get straight to the whining.

So, app stores and how everything is called an app store.

Like WP App Store, for example. I’m sorry, but that’s an awful name. Really.

Yes, people get it.

Yes, it has brand recognition per default.

Yes, whenever Apple or Microsoft or Amazon manages to get the rights to the word “app” you’ll be royally fucked.

This is why I’ll definitely stealth launch the WPMU.org App Store. You’ll be able to buy whatever, it doesn’t matter, this is the legal stranglehold I’ll use to make The Farmer pay me more than those bloody chocolate kittens. The AMA trio will be my sledgehammer, and all shall shake in fear.

Or maybe I’ll just have some dinner.

The point? That neither WordPress plugins nor themes are apps. They are in fact plugins and/or themes, which their actual names sort of hints at.

So there.

Finally, before someone completely freaks out because I haven’t been nice to anyone in this column, I wish WP App Store all the best. If nothing else, they’re definitely shaking things up, much as Renku might end up doing. I think we need to have that commercial WordPress directory talk again soon.

Now here’s a photo of a dog to brighten your day:

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  • But come on, there’s a panel of experts behind it, I mean rockstars, I mean advisors, actually I don’t know what I mean, but there are some serious people involved in this. It can’t all be about the money can it?

  • “Yes, whenever Apple or Microsoft or Amazon manages to get the rights to the word “app” you’ll be royally fucked.” Ask your leader what Apple said when they found out WP Plugins had a strapline including the words “App Store”.

    You’ll be glad to know that WP App Store is unlikely to be called that for very long… (unless they like being sued, that is)

    Funnily enough, I told James that WP Plugins should be turned into exactly what WP App Store are doing but I got nowhere…

  • An ‘app store’ has become a general concept. When I saw that a WP app store had been launched it didn’t even occur to me that what they were offering weren’t really ‘apps’. I just ‘got it’
    As for Apple’s App Store – well you get to it inside of ‘iTunes’ ;)

  • Bullshit.

    Plugins and themes are most definitely applications. The fact that they run as themes or plugins on top of WordPress is irrelevant.

    Gravity Forms is a complex software application written in PHP that could have just as easily been built as a standalone application rather than an application that runs on top of WordPress.

    Trying to claim they aren’t applications because they are plugins or themes is shortsighted and shows a complete lack of understanding of what a plugin and a theme is. They are applications that run on top of WordPress.

    As for the claims that anyone is going to be “royally fucked” for using the term “App” or “App Store”, do you really think the people behind the WP App Store aren’t aware of the legal situation surrounding the “App Store” name? Obviously those involved know more about it than the author of this post because it’s clear from this quote that he does not:

    “Yes, whenever Apple or Microsoft or Amazon manages to get the rights to the word “app” you’ll be royally fucked.” – Thord Daniel Hedengren

    First of all neither Apple, Microsoft or anyone else is trying (or will try) to exert control over using the word “App”. It’s a generic abbreviation for “Application” and has been around for a very long time. It can’t be trademarked.

    What Apple is trying to exert control over is the term “App Store” in legal wranglings with Amazon and others. That being said, Apple has yet to actually win in court and Amazon and others are still actively using the “App Store” name and it’s doubtful that they will end up winning their case against Amazon as it becomes more of a generic term with each passing day.

    But the legal ramifications are meaningless. Again, don’t you think Brad at the WP App Store hasn’t thought of these things? Should there come a time when the WP App Store is forced to change it’s name it could be done very quickly at the flip of a switch. There are contingency plans in place should the name ever become an issue. It’s a non-issue.

    To quote the author of this drivel…

    “So there.”

    • You need to read up a bit I think. There are legal disputes about “app” going on right now, with companies like Apple and Amazon in the fray. To even get close to this is madness in my book.

      So there.

  • I got done reading and my reaction is “WTF”. How is this article has any relevance what so ever… It sounds like you don’t like the “name” and thats it, so you decide to write a crap load. What is beyond me is that how can WPMU editorial team let an article like this appear in their feed because it adds no value.

    Lastly, plugins are applications built for a specific platform (WordPress). Just like you have a iOS apps (plugins) that are built for the platform iOS.

    A plugin or app extends the functionality of a platform it is made on unless it is a stand-alone APP. A very common example of what you may consider an “app” is the Flashlight ones in smart phones. It merely uses the flash light built-in to the camera as a flashlight. So why don’t we just call that a plugin?? Because that is all what plugins do.

    • I suggest you log in to your WordPress installation and look for “app” there.

      Or why not visit wordpress.org and download some “apps”, I’m sure they’re right there, alongside the skins and extensions. I guess they misspelled in the Codex then? http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugins

      Calling an iPhone flashlight app “plugin” is just as wrong as calling a WordPress plugin “app”.

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