“The Only Author Box Plugin You’ll Ever Need”

“The Only Author Box Plugin You’ll Ever Need”

WordPress Author Profile PluginI do a love a good bit of unintentional irony.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the plugin I’m reviewing for you today. When it comes to presenting author bios on your blog, I think it does a great job. But it amuses me that the tagline for the free version is “The only author box plugin you’ll ever need”, when there is a premium version available. I couldn’t resist borrowing it for the headline of this review.

After all, if the developers don’t want you to buy the premium version, why would you? And to be quite honest, having taken a glance at the premium version, there doesn’t seem to be much to write home about.

So let’s instead take a look at the free plugin, Fancier Author Box, and see what it has to offer.

Pimp Out Your Bio


It’s another world exclusive, courtesy of WPMU! Fancier Author Box is a brand new release on the WordPress plugins repository, but it has come fast out of the blocks with pleasing functionality.

Here’s what the plugin offers:

WordPress Author Profile Plugin

Pretty slick, right? What you see is what you get – an avatar, name, position, bio, plus social media links and a “Latest Posts” tab.

The avatar is pulled from Gravatar and is not changeable with the free version (but then, why wouldn’t you want to use your Gravatar image?).

You add all of the information you need on your User Profile page:

WordPress Author Profile Plugin

There are also a few limited settings for you to play with:

WordPress Author Profile Plugin

This is essentially a plug and play plugin (no pun intended) – it either works for your needs, or it doesn’t.

As for the aforementioned premium version, it comes packaged with a few extra features that may or may not take your interest:

  • Custom profile image
  • Social media tabs
  • Greater customization
  • More placement options

I really like Fancier Author Box – I think it fulfill its promise nicely. The “Latest Posts” tab is a nice touch too – especially if you’re running a multi-author blog, where readers may be interested in reading more from a particular author.

Download Fancier Author Box.