WordPress Chat Plugin Gets A Sleek Redesign and a Dozen New Features

WordPress Chat Plugin Gets A Sleek Redesign and a Dozen New Features

We’re always busy improving our plugins at WPMU DEV and this week we’re very excited to announce the release of Chat 2.0. This release is a massive update of the plugin. Chat is now faster, sleeker and more customizable than ever before. We’ve added in nearly a dozen new features as well as several improvements that make the chat experience more solid.

Introducing Chat 2.0!

New and Improved Chat 2.0 Features:

You won’t believe how many amazing new features we’ve packed into Chat 2.0. In addition to Facebook and Twitter authentication, participants can now sign in with their Google+ accounts. We’ve also added integration with BuddyPress groups, many more moderation capabilities and a huge performance boost. Chat 2.0 now include:

  • Sleek redesign of chat UI.
  • More settings to control the look, feel and colors of the chat windows
  • New: Added support for Google+ user authentication.
  • New: Added integration for BuddyPress group and friends.
  • New: Added integration with WPMU DEV Friends plugin.
  • New: Added support for user lists for each chat session.
  • Rewrite of core messaging function to improve overall performance.
  • Improved support for Widgets.
  • New: Support for Private one-to-one chats initiated by moderators
  • New: Support for one-to-one chat between WP users.
  • New: Added ability to ban user by email address
  • New: Added ability to block words.
  • New: Added ability to control position of bottom corner and private chat to top/bottom/left/right
  • New: Added popout/popin ability on all chat windows to break out of the theme frame. Full screen on tablets and smart phones.

BuddyPress Group and Friends Integration

One of the most exciting new features of Chat 2.0 is the ability to seamlessly add chat capabilities to a BuddyPress social network.

BuddyPress group admins can enable chat for the group by visiting Admin > Group Chat. Group admins can customize the box and message experience, message input, user list and much more. Groups can use live chats to keep in touch and host community discussions. Moderators can also initiate private 1-on-1 chats with members.

Once chat is enabled, group members can jump in and participate in chat sessions on the groups page.

Chat also integrates with BuddyPress friends or our Friends plugin for individual member chats. Logged in users can set their online statuses in the WordPress toolbar and invite their online friends to a private chat:

Members can invite their online friends to chat

Live Chat made for WordPress – no third party service required!

From a developer’s perspective, the absolute best thing about this chat plugin is that it doesn’t require any third party software to pay for or maintain.

It’s also not a memory hog like many other third party chat solutions you may have tried in the past. Chat is built with WordPress and for WordPress with no outside configurations necessary. Therefore, installation and setup are virtually painless.

Chat 2.0 is available to WPMU DEV members for immediate download. Get your copy today to start hosting your own live chats with WordPress.