Get WordPress Chat and Much More With the Skysa App Bar

Adding rich, interactive WordPress chat and support apps to your site has never been easier.

Within minutes of installing the Skysa app bar (with or without WordPress chat features installed), your users will be engaging with features you would probably spend hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars developing yourself.

  • Free WordPress Plugin + Premium Plans
  • Live Support Chat
  • Public Chat Room
  • Instant Messaging (Private Chat)
  • Video Chat (Public and Private!)
  • Site Translate
  • RSS Readers
  • Site Announcements
  • Map and Directions
  • Share on Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook…
  • Custom Apps
  • … and a whole lot more!


WordPress and Buddypress compatible

Both the free WordPress chat and app plugin and the premium versions work seamlessly with WordPress, Buddypress and WP-Mingle membership systems. Simply install the bar, it will recognize the system being used, and will properly display member info and avatars where and when required.

Apps, apps and more apps!

WordPress Chat - Screenshot of the Skysa App Bar when compressed

A whopping 50+ apps are available for Skysa, and most of them can be used with the free WordPress plugin.

Each app has its own customizable features, and any app that requires its own window can be sized to fit your site, or your contents.

Plus, you get detailed stats of individual app usage so you can decide which are more engaging, and promote them.

WordPress Chat - Screenshot of the Skysa Chat app

Public and private WordPress chat

Both the public and private chat apps allow instant media sharing, as well as collaborative document editing.

With a premium plan, you can also enable video chat in either one of the features, or both of them.

Feature-packed Live Support app

WordPress Chat - Screenshot of the Skysa Live Support app
Although only included with premium plans, the Live Support Chat app is quite possibly the most powerful one available (imho). Not only can you assign an unlimited number of operators, they can privately chat among themselves to better help your users. Both site visitors and operators can initiate a support session.

You also get full statistics and reporting features for your Live Support showing you exactly how and when your operators have been interacting with your users.

Fully customizable

The appearance of the bar is fully customizable too. You can select the background color & opacity, what icons to use for each app you have installed, whether apps should align left or right, place the bar at the top or the bottom of your site, initially expanded or compressed, and more still!

WordPress Chat - Screenshot of the Skysa App Bar when expanded

Share any site content

The Skysa share feature is also pretty cool. When a user clicks the “Share” button on your app bar (if you have it installed, that is), all the individual elements on the page will be highlighted. When an element is selected, a window pops open with options to comment on the shared content and select where to share it.

WordPress Chat - Screenshot of the Skysa App Bar share feature

Full control in your account area at

Your private account area at enables you to control every feature of your custom WordPress chat and app bar.

  • View all your apps
  • Install new apps
  • Customize any of them
  • Change the overall look
  • View usage stats
  • Manage members and moderators

Where can you get this fabulous item, you ask?

Download the free WordPress Chat plugin first. Install it and create your Skysa Bar key. Then have a play with the free apps and all the cool settings. Once you’re familiar with how it works, and you’re fully impressed with its features, you can decide to stay with the freebie or upgrade to a paid plan at I was so impressed with this plugin that I signed up for a paid plan only a couple of days after installing it! I think you will be too, and I’d love to hear what you have to say about this app bar in the comments below.

WordPress Chat - WordPress Logo
Download the plugin
WordPress Chat - Logo of the Feature-packed Skysa App bar
Visit for more

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6 Responses

  • Good question!

    I’ve tested an approximation of the app bar display on mobile devices at (great resource there too, btw).

    The bar gets automatically resized to fit whatever window is displaying it. If the entire bar does not fit, it squeezes the appropriate number of app buttons into a single button that, when clicked, launches a secondary bar above the first.

    I’ve also asked the plugin developer to chime in here.

  • Adewale, as Patrick mentioned the bar does scale well. However, that in not the ideal solution for mobile devices, due to the unique input and capabilities which are employed on those platforms. Currently, we block most mobile phones from showing the bar, due to the sub-par experience that it would provide. The bar will simply not load where it is not currently supported, but the rest of your site will load normally. We have rolled out the bar to most tablet devices though already. Additionally, we are in the development stages of an update which will allow the bar to adapt to a different form factor created specifically for mobile phone use-cases to those mobile devices.

  • Just realized I hadn’t mentioned that this app bar works great on a multisite install too! That means your users can chat seamlessly while visiting different subsites of your network.

    Simply network-activate the plugin and enter your Skysa Bar ID in the settings page of each subsite you want the app bar to be activated on.

  • Skysa is a neat tool but there is, as always, a kick in the heel.
    The chat is great if you put up the money as are some of the other features. Otherwise things are fairly basic.

    • Hiya Ian,

      You are quite right in stating that the chat is a premium feature. But at $4.95/month for access to all the premium stuff, it’s affordable enough for most any budget.

      To be fair, I think it’s important to note that there are really only 4 premium features:
      – Live Support Chat
      – Chat Room
      – Instant Messaging
      – Voting Poll

      All the rest IS included in the free WordPress plugin.

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