WordPress Coupons and Discount Codes

Premium plugins, themes, and services make up a large part of the WordPress community.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and, as a result, there’s money to be made by developers, designers, and consultants. But, let’s face it, you build websites with WordPress because you don’t want to or cannot do everything yourself from scratch. It saves you time, money, and headache and lets you provide a wider range of services to your website clients or, if you are a DIYer, to your website visitors.

For most of us, it’s not a matter of if we will purchase premium extensions but which ones, when, and how much to budget.

WordPress Coupons

That’s where WordPress coupons come into play; they help us get more bang for our buck, afford more with the same money, and, thus, spread the WordPress wealth.

Here’s a list of strategies and websites to reference when looking to purchase a specific item or just browsing for something new to add to your toolbox on the cheap.

I know what I want

If you know you want a specific plugin, subscription, or service, how do you get a coupon for it?

  • Google Search
    • Use the terms “coupon”, “discount”, or “sale” along with the name of the item you’re looking for.
  • Browse their blog for mentions of sales
    • If current, jackpot; if past, try to figure out a trend and plan for the next one; if upcoming, can you wait for it?
  • Sign up for their newsletter (also Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook)
    • Often you’ll get subscriber-only discounts within the welcome email or in subsequent communications, plus you’ll get helpful information and news to fall even more in love with something you already know you want.
  • Sign up for their demo or trial account
    • If they have a wp-admin area to demo or have a try-before-you-buy period, wait until the end of the trial period before purchasing, hoping their marketing department knows exactly what you’re looking for, just a nudge (coupon) to get you to pull the trigger on a product you’ve tested and know you want.
  • Search WPMU.org and your other favorite WordPress news, review, and tutorial websites (also Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook)
    • When plugins, themes, and services get reviewed by us or other websites, we often talk with the company or developer and get a special bonus for our readers. Maybe it’s the same bonus as you could find elsewhere, but maybe it’s a rare find. You’ll also benefit from being talked out of purchasing or convinced that you can’t wait any longer and it’s worth full price.
  • Wait for certain times of the year
    • Start of Year, End of Year, Tax Time, national holidays, and Black Friday coupons come around every year. Just make sure you’re on those mailing lists beforehand.
  • Contact them directly and ask for a discount
    • Find their contact form or email address. Tell them you love their product and can think of great ways to use it. Or maybe explain your reservations, making sure to ask questions and let them sell you on it, and tell them the truth about why you think the price is a bit high. Just get a discussion going, let them talk you into paying full price, or let them be the judge of whether or not they can offer you, just one person, a discount. The worst that could happen is they don’t give you a discount, you buy it anyway, you hate it, and you ask for a refund, referring to your reservations you stated in your pre-purchase discussion. And if you paid full price and love it, enjoy being satisfied.
  • Just buy it full price, get the benefit of using it earlier than you would from pinching pennies for longer, and hope for discounts for add-ons in the future
    • When you delay your purchase, you could be missing out on time testing, extending, and perfecting your use of it. Or, maybe it turns out to be different than what you expected and is unusable and you need extra time to find a different solution. Really, is 10% off of $50 a big deal if it suits your needs perfectly?
  • Have someone else buy it for you
    • What’s better than a discount? Free! Yup, I’m suggesting you leverage your birthday, holiday, graduation, or Tooth Fairy money toward bettering your blog. Let them pick from a list of WordPress gift ideas or tell them exactly what you want, providing the website and pertinent information to make their gift giving as easy as possible.

I’m just browsing for WordPress Discounts (General WordPress Coupon Code Websites)

Maybe you’re just looking around to see what’s out there, maybe looking to give something new a try. You’re not in a time crunch. You have the time to research different options, do the 30-day trial, or you’re just wanting a bulk purchase to stretch your dollar a bit further and greatly expand your service offerings.

  • Purchase in bulk, or the Developer option
    • WPMU DEV is a perfect example. You get over 140 plugins, 160 themes, and unlimited support with your subscription. Other “pay once for everything” products I can think of are the Genesis Theme Pro Plus All-Theme Package, PageLines Plus subscription (live chat support and all the company’s plugins), and Developer options of almost all tiered purchase products, like Gravity Forms. These purchases ensure you get the full shebang, the all-access pass, the full monty. After using them, try thinking of what your life would be like without those benefits, and you’ll either cancel your subscription or be all the more grateful you signed up for the all-you-can-eat plan.
    • You’ll often be the first to know about future products and even receive partner site coupons.
  • Purchase related items together
    • Some WordPress extension providers also sell WordPress hosting, domain names, and related items. You need all that stuff anyway, so why not get a discount when signing up for all of it in the same place, that is if you trust you’re getting a good value from the bundle.
  • Sign up for mailing lists of your favorite WordPress news and review websites, like WPMU.org. (also Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook)
    • Email and social media subscribers are valuable to any business because you get their contact information and you can count on them for website visits, which help Google realize you’re more awesome than they thought you were. WordPress news sites often score deals for you, especially when talking about new plugins, themes, and services. How cool is that? They do the hard part for you (reviewing), put a bit of their skin in the game if they recommend something, and leave you no excuses for delaying your purchase because of providing you with an exclusive discount.
  • Attend a WordCamp or watch WordCamp videos and listen for mentions of coupon codes
    • Every once in a while, especially during review presentations, a coupon code will be mentioned. Sometimes the discount lasts long enough for you to use it shortly after the WordCamp video gets posted. Hey, it’s worth a shot. If it expires before you can cash in, consider emailing the company and asking them to honor it.
  • Visit WordPress coupon code websites
    FYI: Sometimes the discounts aren’t really coupon codes but, instead, the website refunds/shares their affiliate earnings with you after receiving their affiliate payments 1-3 months later. And some coupon codes online are affiliate marketing scams, providing bogus coupon codes to get you to buy full price and get their affiliate payment. If in doubt, email the seller and ask about their validity; some sellers do not offer discounts of any kind.

More WordPress Coupons?

Know of additional, reliable resources for WordPress coupons and discounts? Have you had any positive or negative experiences with a website or strategy listed above?

Please share your comments below.