WordPress creator reckons it’d be ‘nice’ for us to go bust

WordPress creator reckons it’d be ‘nice’ for us to go bust

So, as you may know we’re running a WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugin contest this year – like we did last year – and for which we’re stumping up $1000, just like we are for the corresponding regular WordPress plugin contest in 2009 (as we also did in 2008).

All plugins have to be freely available, have to be 100% GPL compatible and – in short – be completely sweet with the WP rules.

But, apparently that’s just no good – according to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg – he’d like it if our support and sponsorship of these events actually led to our core business WPMU DEV Premium failing:

twattcommentYou see, in case you didn’t already know WPMU DEV Premium is a paid membership site where we release plugins, themes and other stuff for WordPress MU, BuddyPress and bbPress… in fact, a lot of them are compatible with regular WordPress too but we don’t make a big hoohaw out of that.

Now, I could go on about how it started (and continues) as a completely free site at WPMUDEV.org – or I could go on about how everything we do is 100% GPL, or I could go on about WordCamps we’ve arranged and put on or any of the other ‘giving back’ things we’ve done.

But I won’t, because evidently Matt doesn’t give a fuck.

And anyway, that’s not the reason why I think we run a legitimate, quality, business that most companies would be happy to have running alongside their core offerings.

At WPMU DEV Premium we provide people with hugely complicated plugins and massively functional themes… all of which we constantly maintain, and most of which have actually come out of members requests!

We work our arses off ourselves and employ multiple WP developers and theme designers to bring our members not just ‘what I can spare you in my free time’ but genuine, high quality and massively supported functionality.

We do all of this at an absolute fraction of the cost it’d be to hire someone to do it (believe me, if you wanted Incsub to develop something like a Supporter plugin for you from scratch we’d probably start at USD25k and up from there), and we sustain that through membership fees.

We enhance, drive forward and enable WordPress MU and BuddyPress sites… if you don’t believe us ask our members.

We’re providing a valuable service… when was the last time your saw the founders or CEOs of Apple or Microsoft wishing that a company that sells software that runs on PCs or Macs… would fail!

But I guess, at the end of the day, I shouldn’t give a fuck either as  what Matt wants isn’t actually going to happen, because it takes multiple people working full-time to provide what we do.

If people really want to put in years of work, to spite us or to conform to some screwed up idea of how open source software should work, then I guess they can.

But I don’t think that’s ‘possible’… let alone ‘nice’.