How to Get Different Themes on Different WordPress Pages

Have you ever wanted to use more than one WordPress theme on a site at same time? Well, it’s possible.

Of course you could create a page template or even a specific post template and then style them as you like. But let’s be honest – most of us don’t have the design skills to code up a template from scratch and make it look good.

Fortunately for us design-challenged folks, we don’t have to worry. There’s a way to assign whatever theme you like to specific pages or posts with a plugin called Jonoradio Multiple Themes.


An Example of Different Themes

Here’s what we’re after – three different themes on the same site.

Plugin Features

The plugin has a number of nice features. In addition to adding different themes to individual Posts and Pages, you can also assign a theme to all Posts and/or all Pages. And you can get a different theme for the homepage too.

So, for example, you might have one theme for your homepage, one for your posts, and one for your pages.

In addition, you can also set it to apply a certain theme for all posts in a category with the special wildcard (*) function. And you can use that function to get even more creative than that. (There are some examples on the settings page.)

Here’s a very limited look at some of the settings.


A Few Limitations

There are a few limitations and a few complications with this plugin in terms of getting all your options set the way you’d like, but the plugin author has provided detailed instructions and possible solutions in the help areas on the plugin’s page.

The plugin author also seems to be very active in the support forums too.

One other thing to be warned about here is that not all premium themes will necessarily work with this plugin. With some themes, there are simply too many conflicts to be easily resolved.

Not Working For You?

If your need is for complicated themes in different areas of your site, and this plugin doesn’t do the trick for you, then you may need to consider going with a Multisite install and making each section a different site.

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    Great article however I cannot understand why this is not part of the core function, would this be about wpmu blocking this feature?
    It been on joomla for ages if we want WordPress to be a full CMS in my view this should be a core feature.


      Hi Pierre,

      I agree it’s a very nice feature. However, I’m not sure enough people would use it frequently enough to make it a core feature.

      Also, I’m not sure what you mean exactly about wpmu blocking the feature. If you’re referring to Multisite (which is what the old WMPU is now called), that is made by the same people who make regular WordPress. They would have no reason to “block” it in order to steer people to Multisite.

      If you’re talking about us here at WPMU DEV, well, we have nothing to do with what goes into core WordPress. :)



        Sorry did not mean to say WPMU DEV wife was asking me what I was reading doh!

        Maybe we should do a poll and see?


    Would it be possible to use this plugin to style all the main portions of a site with one theme, and all WooCommerce pages with another?


      Seems that may be possible. It has the ability to do a fair amount of twisting and bending to get what you want. But I guess it will depend on how you set up your site in the end.

      Also, of course, it will need to actually work with your themes. As mentioned in the post, some themes may be too complex for it.

      But look at all the info on the plugin page, and then ask in the WP support forums. The plugin author seems pretty active there.


    Does not work with BuddyPress. It throws a conflict and you have to disable BuddyPress to get it to work.


    Hi, Im planning on creating a website that will be running on one main premium theme. But for the blog including the index, posts, archive and search I want to use a different theme. Would this be a good option, or would it be best to somehow configure wordpress multisite to handle the blog?



      I think this could work, as long as it handles the theme you want to use.

      That said, if your blog is going to be pretty much a completely different section with little overlap between that and the main site (maybe a navigation link or two), then going with Multisite could be a good choice. You won’t have to worry about things conflicting (either now or in the future).

      However, it really depends on how much you’d like to integrate the two (main site and blog). It’s a little harder to integrate at a deep level when one is a multisite child blog. So you’ll want to consider future plans as well.

      (Btw, you can always turn a child blog into a category on the main site or vice versa. It just takes a little work.)


    I was hoping to pull in the same header/navigation and footer. If thats the case Im thinking that using Multisite might be the best bet. I have pulled WP header and footer into a non WP site before so dont think it should be too difficult but just seeing if I need to go multisite for this or not.

    Thanks for the tips.


    Well, right now we’re trying to set it up to do A/B Testing on two themes (using the WPMU Dev plugin), and the issue we’re having is this (these are the most complicated issues, by far):

    1. Both themes (Venus and News from Themeforest) require a static homepage, and both require us to link to a *different* Page for this, under Setting –> Reading –> Front Page:. Not sure if you know how to make it so that this can be different for each theme without manually changing it each time we switch (as we can’t do that with A/B Testing). If you know how to do this, please let me know…

    2. When we manually switch themes, one theme’s settings are getting erased.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


    Maybe I’m just an idiot, but can someone tell me how I can edit the second theme used through this plugin? I got it to work, but the problem is I can’t do anything with the theme. Is it just there for looks or can we use the functions the theme provides?


    Hi, thanks for this plugin. I am very interested to have differrent theme on the other page but currently I canť find the right solution of my problem.
    I have a ONE theme that supports 2 differrent colours and styling(black and white) and I’d like to have almost everything black, except one page. That one page I’d like to have white with its features. Is it possible to do this?
    Can someone help me to get this solve out?
    Thank you very much :).

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