Easy WordPress Donations for Your Blog

WordPress Donation PluginWe all know that a lot of developers in the WordPress community rely upon the generosity of their products’ users. I have heard of many plugin users, for instance, who make a point of donating to any developer that has produced something of value that they use.

Whilst these donations may not add up to an enormous sum, they usually allow developers to enjoy a beer or two every now and then, no doubt toasted to the beauty of open source WordPress development.

But if such developers wish to increase the number of donations, they might consider getting a copy of Easy WordPress Donations by Rémi Corson.

Make Donations a Focal Point

I have featured Rémi before on WPMU, and with good cause – he makes great plugins. Having played around with Easy WordPress Donations for a while now, this latest plugin is no exception.

Easy WordPress donations allows you to make your donation form a focal point on your site:

WordPress Donation Plugin

As you can see, it is possible to incentivize donations by setting a target and a progress bar. Say your computer is on its last legs and you need a new one. You could set up a donation form for that very reason, with a specific target. If you can’t afford a new computer, plugin development will be no easy task…

Easy WordPress Donations is customizable to the nth degree, and Rémi has done a great job of advertising all of the features on his blog. This is a premium plugin, but it hardly breaks the bank at $15.

Purchase Easy WordPress Donations.

Creative Commons image courtesy of woodleywonderworks