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WordPress Drag-and-Drop, Does-Everything Right Email Newsletters

WordPress Drag-and-Drop, Does-Everything Right Email Newsletters

Email marketing is the “visitor boomerang” you need to take your site to the next level. Even your most loyal readers want e-mail notifications about your blog’s new posts and information. This plugin does it all — easily — as shown in the video below.

WYSIJA Newsletters — “What You See Is Just Awesome” — is a WordPress email newsletter plugin that provides some awesome features:

  • Auto-send new post notifications (mentioned in the video above, shown in detail in the demo video below)
  • Drag-and-Drop customizations, including recent post titles and content (including in-post images), horizontal bar separators, linked social icons, video link placeholder images, and more
  • 18 free, pre-made newsletter templates
    • Photoshop files available for download
    • Make your own using just images and CSS – but not HTML
    • Go Premium for more themes, plugin settings, and the ability to send over 2,000 emails per newsletter
  • Auto-connect to GMail (no need to enter clunky SMTP settings) and send from GMail (or any other SMTP Provider)
  • Limit access/functionality by user levels (Administrator, Editor, etc.)
  • Customize name, email address, and unsubscribe settings (what the recipient sees)
  • Select single or double opt-in
  • Sign up/Subscription form available via widget, shortcode, iframe code, or PHP code (with ability to customize)
  • Subscriber CSV import/export functionality
  • Sends both the HTML and Text versions, to help minimize Junk Mail issues and maximize recipient readability
  • Tracks each newsletter’s Opens, Clicks, and Unsubscribes (link-specific tracking available in the Premium version)
  • And more!

The support and feature request sites are very responsive, and it’s great to have a team dedicated solely to WordPress, email deliverability, email formatting (harder than you think if you haven’t custom-coded emails before), and ease of use.

Literally, anyone can send beautiful email messages and manage their own professional-looking newsletter.

Above: video demonstrating the new post notifications feature.

The 4 guys behind this plugin/service are located in Europe. They say their Premium price will never increase. They even give you a heads up about other email solutions (including Subscribe2) and maintain a list of potentially conflicting WordPress themes and plugins.

This is exactly the email newsletter plugin I’ve been looking for.