WordPress for Android App 2.1 has been Released

WordPress has recently released its latest app (version 2.1) for managing a WordPress site on an Android device.

The app is available at the following links for Android, Nook, and BlackBerry PlayBook:

Some of the improvements seen in the latest version are the following:

Comment Editing

The newest version allows you to easily edit comments by tapping on an “Edit” button. In addition to being able to edit the actual comment, you can edit information such as the commenter’s name, email address, and website URL.


Post Autosave

The app now autosaves post every sixty seconds.


Scaled Image Setting

Users can now set the width of full-sized images that are linked to from posts. You can activate this new feature by going to Settings > Upload and link to scaled image.


Additional Changes Include the Following:

  • Updates to the UI
  • Reliability improvements
  • Performance tweaks
  • New app icon