WordPress For iOS Gets Major Update

WordPress For iOS Gets Major Update

App fans will be pleased to hear that the iOS version of WordPress has just been updated to 2.7. This couldn’t come at a better time as right here on wpmu we’ve seen complaints about WordPress for iOS’ buggyness. The timeliness is great!

With over 100 bugs squashed this should be a major improvement for iOS users.


A major complaint about WordPress for iOS is that it is unreliable. There’s nothing worse than trying to post to your blog and then encountering crashes or duplicate content – much heads banging off walls. But with 117 changes made to the app it should be more reliabile than ever. The app has been moved to Core Data which is a much better method of handling data on your device.

The advice from the guys at WordPress for iOS is to upgrade to the new version – your data should be migrated. If there are any problems you’ll need to install again.


There has been updates to the User Interface, with a spanking new post editor. You can tap the icons at the bottom to edit post settings, add media and view attachments. It’s also now possible to upload more than one media at the same time.

The developers have also added “pull to refresh” – ya’know like you’ve got on your Facebook app.

All in all it looks like a fantastic update and definitely makes WordPress for iOS worth taking another look at.