Say Hello To Forminator – Powerful WordPress Forms Have Never Been Easier

In 2017 we asked you what you’d like us to build for you, and you answered. We’ve already released one of those products (white label reports) and now, officially, it’s time to welcome one of the others. Please say g’day to your new favourite form builder plugin… Forminator Pro!

And, as a first for us, we’re releasing an entirely free version at the same time over at, so you really have no excuse not to go check it out :)

Why is this such a big deal? With Forminator available to millions of users on and the included free developer API you can start making money developing your own extensions – but more on that later.

Forminator on WordPress
Forminator Pro and Forminator are now available!

First, let me explain a little bit about why we think WordPress (and more particularly WPMU DEV members) need another form plugin and why we think we’ve cracked it with this one.

It’s pretty simple really, our aim is to provide WPMU DEV members with all the critical tools they need to set up and manage their WordPress websites, and forms are a big part of that.

So when we received a bazillion requests to supply you with a form plugin as part of your membership (in part, I imagine, so you didn’t have to pay a separate subscription fee for yet another plugin) it was really a no brainer.

Plus, and this is even more important, we’ve felt for some time that the established form builder plugins out there are pretty lacking when it comes to UX – especially for the free plugins. So, we figured we’d start from scratch and create something that is elegant, incredibly usable, insanely powerful, and available to everyone…even if they don’t have a membership.

Today I have absolutely no problem declaring that this is by FAR the best freely available form plugin for WordPress – which will hopefully continue to grow and develop the spread and strength of WordPress itself.

Now for a little tour of one of the best things we’ve ever made!

What’s Inside The Box?

Forminator is ALL about user experience and beautiful output, so we’ve made it as clear and gorgeous as possible.

Forminator Dashboard
Set and track results for forms, quizzes, and polls.

We figured out pretty quickly you not only wanted powerful new forms, you also  wanted polls (vote away!) or quizzes (think fun Facebook ones like ‘What breed of dog are you?’ :) etc.) So, we bundled them all up into one juicy package – check it out.

Contact form gif
Will you just look at all those fields?!
Forminator polls
It really couldn’t be easier to set up a quick poll, with all the trimmings.
Forminator no wrong answer quiz
Setting up a fun quiz (or an actual one!) is a piece of cake…Mmmm cake.

But Forminator goes much, much deeper.

Submissions & Results

It wouldn’t be much of a form plugin if you couldn’t easily review, export and process all the data. Forminator lets you quickly analyze and allows you to schedule exports so you never miss a thing.

Forminator scheduled exporting
View, export and schedule results delivery for every form, poll or quiz…pretty slick!

The dashboard will show your form conversion rate, along with most popular forms, polls and quizzes.

Form stats
Forminator shows form stats, views, submissions, completions and popularity.

And, of course, you’ll frequently want to show your visitors results, especially with polls.

Forminator Poll Realtime results
Setup a quick poll and display real time results.

Integrations, APIs and Documentation

What’s more, we’ve built out a whole HEAP of integrations ready to go right out of the box.

Forminator integrations list
We’ve included a bunch of your favorite email, project manager and storage integrations.

We also included a robust and thoroughly well documented API, ready for you developer types to get cracking with. You can check it out for yourself here.

Forminator API
Make your own third-party integrations for Forminator and give them away or sell them on your own marketplace.

Along with comprehensive and easy to follow documentation to take you through using the plugin whichever way you see best. You can check that out right here.

forminator documentation included
Forminator comes well documented and ready for customization.

And we’ve barely scratched the surface, so why not just go and try it all out for yourself either here at WPMU DEV with Forminator Pro or completely for free at as plain old Forminator.

What’s Coming Next

So. Many. Things.

But to start with:

  • We’re making the UX even nicer, having done a bunch of internal and member testing (hey Tony!) you can expect even more improvements in the next couple of months, especially to the form builder, which is already awesome… I know!
  • Registration and login fields will soon be completely Forminatable, oh yeh that’s going to be lovely
  • Calculations are on their way too, Forminator does math, becomes even better
  • Stripe (and other gateway) payments are also being bundled, so why not use Forminator to start selling? Yum!

That’s all in the pipeline right now…but you lot know best, heck that’s why we made it. Take a look and have a play and tell us what else you’d like to see in Forminator. We’re all ears…and Forms :)

James Farmer
Use Forminator, share it and shout it from the rooftop! Tell us what you love in the comments below...our developers are always watching.

56 Responses

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The Forminator plugin looks awesome! Great job!
    I do have a question though. Is there a way to import a CSV file, with lots of poll or quiz questions and answers? For example, I have a poll, with hundreds of questions, and each question has anywhere from 3-15 possible answers. It would take a monumental amount of time, to add all of that, manually. But, I already have it in a spreadsheet. It would be awesome, if I could import a CSV, and have it all online. Added bonus if, when importing the CSV, I could select the settings/styles to apply to all of the polls or quizzes, which would be created by the import.

    • Support Monkey

      Hi there mwtada,

      There is indeed an import/export functionality built-into Forminator for polls. But it enables you to export a poll you create in Forminator, and import it into another instance of Forminator. However, the export data is unfortunately in serialized format, not CSV or XML, so the feature cannot be used to import a CSV file from another application I’;m afraid.

      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        Hey Patrick! Thanks for the reply.

        I wonder how difficult it would/wouldn’t be, to build an add-on, which would enable that functionality. I actually posted the comment while I was in the middle of going through the documentation. Then, I got to the part about import/export.

        It seems like it should be possible to build a plugin, which could insert the data into the tables used by Forminator, so that Forminator would just think the polls/quizzes had been created through it.

        But, it would be great if WPMUdev would do it. I am sure there are other people, who could use functionality like that.

  • Flash Drive

    wpmude community is awesome yours service is great! the best for me in the web!

    I hope in the future to be able to actively help even in the development of some new plugin! or in the concept of some interesting features :D

    I’m starting to use forminator and I feel very well, I look forward to the new implants that will do even more to my case.

    have you thought for example regarding registration and login, you can also go to change the registration and login of buddypress, bbpres etc. or at least make compatible the forms?

  • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    Huge laugh, red face, and thanks for the shout out. I’m EXTREMELY happy to be a paying member of WPMU DEV, to have staff and community here as a daily part of my life, and to contribute as best I can toward our common successes. I look forward to using Forminator a lot more, and to whatever else the company offers.

    • Head of Support

      Hey Jetmac,

      Currently, our main focus is improving the plugin itself and working on all those popular features that have been requested, so to answer your question right now we’re not working on fully integrating Forminator with above mentioned plugins. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we won’t do that in the future.

      Thanks for bringing this up :)

      • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

        My normal mantra … If other plugins get the same kind of API love that’s been put into Forminator, you can advertise the most “integratable” plugin collection in the WP world. That will draw third party developers, and it will make it a lot easier for Dev to address a lot of the requests we see these days, simply by using your own APIs to create “bridge” addons and plugins … no more hard-coding customizations into each plugin core!

      • Recruit

        Well, tell me when you do. Until then, Gravity Forms – as well as any other form plugin – will be just fine.
        I’m looking for solutions to the issues in using WPMU plugins, not in a tool that duplicates what is already available almost everywhere. Forminator could be a real powerhouse tool in uniting your existing plugins into a better integrated suite of tools.
        Why would others build for this tool, via the API, when WPMU doesn’t even build for it’s own existing plugins to use? Developers have limited time and look to maximize their efforts – why build for a small forms plugin when you could build for massive plugins like Gravity Forms or Ninja? WPMU needs to lead the way with their own integrations, both showing it can be done and creating increased value for WPMU members.
        Look to your own house first – “integrable” means little if no one sees value in the integration effort. Look at Windows Mobile, Pebble, AppDotNet, or WebOS – great systems that did what was already prevalent in other more popular systems and failed as a result.
        WPMU plugins have serious integration issues, many related to forms. There are tons of threads in the support forums for ways to shoehorn WPMU plugins into Gravity Forms, and, yet, you fail to capitalize – or even roadmap! – these issues into your forms plugin. I continue to be aghast at this. It’s like you’re completely ignorant of your users and how they want to use your plugins.
        There is a significant issue with ProSites and New Blog Templates that Forminator would fix – yet, not even a word. Same with Membership, CoursePress, Newsletter, and Appointments+. All of these plugins need a custom form solution, yet, your custom form plugin is completely independent of these.
        When Hustle was first introduced, your users reasonably asked why you would make a list builder plugin that didn’t connect to your email plugin, Newsletter. WPMU was shocked by the request, quickly adding an integration for it. I see nothing was learned by this as here is another plugin marching along the same independent path as the rest of your plugins.
        I can get a Forms plugin from almost anywhere, by companies with more existing integrations and much better track records at Forms than WPMU has. What I need is a way to make WPMU plugins work better and conform to my business’ workflow and design. Forminator could be that – but, I see now that WPMU has learned very little over the last few months since UpFront was discontinued.
        You can develop for both external integrations via API and for internal cooperation with your own plugins. They are not mutually exclusive. But, sadly, by ignoring your own plugins you’re assuring that this plugin will likely never take off. After all, why should I switch out Gravity Forms for Forminator? What additional value is it offering me? I save a few bucks? That’s not enough, as I will lose that much in productivity issues with growing a new Forms plugin.
        Your unique value is not in trying to duplicate existing popular plugins. It’s in ensuring Forminator is a powerful addition and force multiplier to the WPMU plugin suite.
        Until I see actual integrations with WPMU plugins that resolve the many issues the WPMU suite has, Forminator has very little real value. Sorry if that stings, but that is the honest truth.

        • Head of Support

          Hey Jetmac,

          First of all, thank you for your feedback.

          With regards to your request, I’ve seen that you requested the same thing on features and feedback forum before. As you probably know, since you’ve been with us for a long time, we’ve always been listening to our members and have been putting priorities to features with the highest demand. Aside from the features and feedback forum we also have a form on our recent roadmap post here where you can share your thoughts on what you’d personally like us to work on next with any of our products.

          I understand the importance of integrations and personally, I’d like to see Forminator integrated with pretty much everything out there, as well as all WPMU DEV products, but as I mentioned above, we’re working on a lot of features that you guys have been requesting, and as always we’ve been giving priorities to the features with the highest demand.

          Having an API really opens a lot of doors in terms of integrations, and Forminator having that first allows everybody, WPMU DEV included, to build those integrations, both internal with our own products, and external with any other 3rd party product, in case they need specific integrations with specific plugins.

          With all the features and improvements that we’ve been adding to Forminator, I can’t agree that it brings little real value, we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from a lot of members about it. Regardless of that, I understand that value is really relative, and that the real value for you personally would probably be to have all those integrations built in, hopefully, Formitator will have those integrations in future and you’ll see value in it as well.


          • Recruit

            Thank you for your response, I know I can be a bit of a PITA at times.
            As you said, I’ve made these requests before and I also know they are not the types of requests most of your members make. Many look at the plugins as standalone utilities, so they make many requests based on that viewpoint – integrations, etc. I look for solutions, not features. I also look for the unique value, which, again, many don’t.
            It’s easy to look at Forminator as a Gravity Forms replacement, and I’m sure one day it will be. That is an easy goal, and WPMU is not the first to try it. That WPMU has a large paying membership makes it a bit easier to monetize than some other form plugins. All good.
            However, there are, as I (and many others) have said in the forums where WPMU needs to modernize and improve their long standing plugins. I recognize that can be a huge issue, with so much legacy. That’s why I strongly encourage you look to your catalog and see how they can be streamlined and worked together.
            As a WPMU member gets access to all plugins, making them modular may be an excellent strategy to managing them all with less effort, specifically by reducing the functions each plugin needs to duplicate to be functional. Forms are a key part of that – many of your plugins require forms, be it Membership, ProSites, Appointments+, Hustle, and on and on. They all use forms – and they all have many requests over the years for those plugins to have better forms.
            Along comes Forminator – and it doesn’t work with a single one of your other plugins. As a standalone, I’m sure it will be fine. It’s closing in on what the market leading plugins can do and maybe down the road it will save me (and others) a license fee. But, it doesn’t solve a real business problem, it just solves a (fairly small) financial one.
            I think that WPMU, and it’s members, would be much better served if more emphasis was put into looking at your plugin suite as a whole, and not just as a bunch of individual utilities. Most members will not make those types of functionality requests – they will look only at specific things. In the case of Forminator, it’s bringing it up to par with Gravity Forms. It’s up to YOU at WPMU to plan on how to coordinate these plugins to create a gestalt that provides much larger, robust, and thorough solutions.
            So, if I have a point it’s this: Solutions mean more than features.
            Yes, you need a base level of features to be competitive and useful, but those are extremely obvious by looking at your competitors, we shouldn’t have to request things like mail list compatibility, payments, and user registration. But, to be competitive across all of your plugins, WPMU can’t lose sight of the forest to focus on a single tree. You need to be looking at how your plugins can support the others, and, IMO, no new plugin should be brought in that doesn’t expand on the others.

  • The Incredible Code Injector

    I’m absolutely loving Forminator guys! This week I had the chance to put it to test on a real client email acquisition campaign, and it did not disappoint! We drove traffic to a landing page with a simple email subscribe form connected to Mailchimp. We managed to generate over 2,000 email subscribes in 36 hours. Obviously there was a lot of factors that went into making the campaign a success, but it was really great to see Forminator perform well and not skip a beat with the volume. I also got to test out the export and import functionality to move the landing page and form from a subdomain to the final domain. It was a lot simpler and quicker than other form plugins import/export functionality. Seriously great job to the whole team, and keep it up! Oh, and this has all been with the free version too :)

    There hasn’t been anything major lacking at all whatsoever. I do have one minor feature request, specifically for the Mailchimp integration. It would be really great if we could add Mailchimp “tags” to subscribers though the integration. This is a pretty new feature with Mailchimp. This is something I requested with GF a month ago or so, but I can’t see them adding it anytime soon.

  • New Recruit

    Hello. I was just looking for a powerful and easy form builder and I’ll surely will give a try to Forminator that seems very gorgeous. In particular I was searching a form whose fields can be mapped to custom fields built with Advanced Custom Type plugin, so they will be automatically published in a Custom Post Type. That should be my definitve choice but I need the mapping should be easy, as I can’t code. Thank you!

      • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

        The Forminator API and hook system makes integration with CPTs pretty easy. (Far from the pain of the initial release. :) ) On form submission you have the Form Entry object. Now create a new CPT object, and just do field assignments from X to Y. There are examples on the net for populating CPTs like this. So all the info is available, it’s just a matter of assimilating it and getting some practice.

        • New Recruit

          Thanks for you suggest, but I can’t code at all, I understand what you mean but I can’t do it myself. I need so much this feature for a book site where users will load their books themselves, and a form should be the best way to let them publish content through the front-end. This method could be used for so many types of sites and I see here, in different Facebook groups and so, it is very requested, so, maybe an add-on that can do the mapping from the form to custom fields should be not a lot of work, but a very big value for Forminator, while a very big mountain to klimb for me. ;)

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Looking realy slick.
    Unluckily, right now, I do not have the time to test the plug-in.
    Yet, I would like to know the following questions before installing this plug-in on my website:

    1. Is there a possibility to add a signature block?
    2. Is there a possibility to automatically send the filled in form within a .pdf file to e-mail?
    3. Is there a possibility to scan in an existing .PDF file and make fillable fields for in the front-end?
    4. Are there conditional fields?

    Thanks for the follow-up

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