WordPress Hosting: Why I Love GoDaddy

WordPress+GoDaddy+Help I’m not usually one to rave about companies, and most website-related companies leave me ready for the rubber room.

To make my “love list” takes a lot–great products, great services, and super-duper customer support.GoDaddy has hit the high mark in all of these areas on more than one occasion.

To be completely honest, hosting a website on GoDaddy.com scared be B-Gs out of me initially. It seemed so complicated. I was forced for use them when one of my web design clients already had hosting with them. There were complications getting their WordPress site loaded up and working properly, mostly due to me trying to figure things out on my own, and I was clueless about where to look for answers when I just couldn’t figure it out.

I’m somewhat bull-headed when it comes to figuring things out. I’m so sure I can that I put far too much time into the process. (BTW, this isn’t cost-effective, so I don’t advocate it for others.) It isn’t until I’ve exhausted every possibility that I can consider asking for help. I was building websites, for heaven’s sake. Doesn’t that imply that I know all this already? But I didn’t, and I was in uncharted territory looking for the emergency exit.

So, what changed my mind?

I called the help line.

Unlike so many other technical sites, they actually post their phone number and invite you to call them. So I did, admittedly with some trepidation.

My expectations were low. I assumed I would be in auto-attendant hell for an hour or two and then be connected to someone that couldn’t help me anyway.

What I got

  1. One level of selections (I opted for “Press 3 for Technical Support”).
  2. A human being that actually knew how to help me and never put me on hold.
  3. They made sure they fixed my problem before they hung up.

Not just one time, mind you. Every time I called. As a beginner WordPress user and website builder, I call them more often than you might think. They never complain, and they always fix my problem.

Even better

They wanted to know how they did. You know how it goes. They sent me a link to a “brief” survey. The first several times, I just ignored their invitation. When I finally decided to give kudos for a job well done and clicked through to the survey, I was, once again, delightfully surprised. The survey was two questions:  Did we answer your questions and how likely are you to refer us.  There was a comments box, too. Short. Sweet.

WordPress Install on GoDaddy
Screen capture from GoDaddy.com

Go Daddy has other great features, too. They are WordPress compatible and have a one-click WordPress Installer that ensures you have the most recent version of it right away. Once you have WordPress installed and activated, you can easily manage it through the admin panel, just like any other WordPress site. And, if like me you tend to blow things up now and then, GoDaddy.com will help you fix it, quickly and without condescension.

What more can you ask for in a hosting company?

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  • So the misogynistic tone of their advertising doesn’t bother you?

    What about the fact that their entire backend is designed to confuse customers into buying upgrades they don’t need?

    Or the fact that it takes several minutes for a password changes to be implemented (precious time one someone has screwed something up)?

    • WPMU DEV Initiate

      I’m with Chris on this one. I’m doing my best to move as many of my customers as possible away from Godaddy for these reasons, among others:

      1. Godaddy initially supported SOPA causing Wikimedia and other pro-web groups to move their domains
      2. CEO Bob Parsons likes to hunt endangered species and post the videos
      3. Their advertising is demeaning towards women
      4. They use fraudulent and questionable business practices to deceive customers to buying unneeded services and retain clients by making it hard to move domains.
      5. Parsons and their political action group have supported groups that promote very right-wing causes

  • I agree that their support is really, really good.

    However, the back-end UI is completely atrocious in terms of design and intuitiveness. They really should scrap it and start from scratch in my opinion. If you have to call website host’s support line in lieu of using their UI, because their UI is terrible, that’s not a good sign if you are trying to host your site, let alone your client’s sites.

    You also can’t buy something from them without being brute-sold on other products…super annoying. Its like going to Ikea and them making you walk 15 more minutes through the rest of the store just to exit because they hope you’ll see something you just have to have. I just want to buy what I came for and exit. lol

    And lastly, the most important reason not to host with GoDaddy is that there is no CPanel for managing your sites. CPanel IS the way to go all they way. And good luck trying to setup a WP Network with wildcard subdomains on GoDaddy’s shared hosting.

    I hosted with GoDaddy for about 6 years and then saw the light. I HIGHLY recommend GoDaddy for domain name registration, but definitely not for hosting. Go HostGator or InMotion for that.

    • New Recruit

      Hi Rone, thanks for your input. You are clearly a more advanced user than I am. I do agree that their UI is difficult to navigate and not user friendly. However, I bypass all that with a phone call.

      Remember, too, that GoDaddy.com is a business, just like IKEA. They do what makes them money. As a business person, I can’t complain about that.

      • There’s a line to be drawn, and for any above-average developer/designer… that line is drawn as soon as you go from a slick $0.99 domain name deal to a page that REQUIRES you to SCROLL THROUGH a page of upsells. A page that not only is over-bloated with useless items customers don’t need, but actually CHECKS these useless items for you by default!

        There’s a difference between operating as a business and operating as a business with means to have a sense of dignity and respect in the digital world, which will never see the light of day.

  • New Recruit

    Sorry, as a WordPress user and developer I have to say GoDaddy is a really troublesome choice for WordPress hosting. I started with GoDaddy when building my first sites back in 1999 – and they were great. When I moved to WordPress (about 2 years ago) I encountered repeated server errors and timeouts, problems backing up and MORE with GoDaddy hosting. I now use BlueHost and I also recommend HostGator. And, as someone who cares about all living things I can’t be a fan of someone that shoots elephants… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/31/bob-parsons-godaddy-ceo-elephant-hunt_n_843121.html

  • I agree that their phone support is the best in the business. They speak to people on their level regardless if you are a newbie or an expert and if you happen to be an expert, they will skip the silly questions and hone in on your issue very fast. I will also agree that installing and managing WordPress is simple and easy with GoDaddy, they do get high marks for that. They do have major issues though.

    One of the biggest issues is with the actual hosting. Websites that are hosted with GoDaddy are unbearably slow, they time out and that can cause your site to actually lose visitors. What you gain from the good phone support and easy installation is killed by the visitors that are leaving because a site won’t load. This is on top of the issues that Google has with slow sites.

    I still do use them for Domain Registration but in the end, speed matters.

  • I’ve heard far too many horror stories from clients, and my own experiences with them have been bad too. Billing trickery, down time, slow servers… I see no positives at godaddy. I wholeheartedly believe that it’s only a matter of time before you change your mind about them. They are ok for domain registration because of their prices, but I still actively steer people away from them where possible.

  • I register all my domains with Godaddy but do not like their hosting. I find the admin very confusing and annoying. Despite the fact that I hate their advertising… but their service and support is top notch.

  • It looks like your only reason for supporting them is that you got a support question answered (maybe not even correctly), and the survey the incessantly nagged you about was short.

    That seems like a pretty weak justification. How many times have you actually contacted support? Are you aware that GoDaddy has been responsible for a “mass hack” of wordpress sites? They blamed it on failing to update (their control panel doesn’t know the installed version, only the version that the installer put there – so it’s always out of date), instead of taking responsibility for completely insecure directory structure, which allowed compromised sites to infect every site on the same server. Oops. Policy: blame the customer – even if it’s their fault.

    If you really liked their support, maybe you would want to take a second stab at it before declaring your love? Policy: ignore the customer, and don’t bother verifying facts.

    Finally, their positions on many web, copyright and legal issues is completely backwards in the industry: they supported SOPA before they were against it (and only changed their mind due to the mass exodus of users). Their DMCA policy is to shut off your site(s) when they receive a complaint, NOT to wait to hear your side of it — as recently as a couple weeks ago there was a firestorm about this. Policy: treat the customer as the enemy.

    The bottom line is that there is no defense for their many business positions that can directly harm you or your client.

  • GoDaddy is a good company… as a domain registrar ONLY! I hope to someday be able to say more but for now I stand by that statement.

    Chris Jean from iThemes wrote a great (but quite long) article regarding Why NOT to use GoDaddy for hosting that contains some eye opening and detailed information.

    My own experience has been that their support is less than stellar. I am rarely able to communicate with them in terms that are mutually understandable for clients that I have that are stuck using GoDaddy hosting. I find that GoDaddy has unique and non-standard operating methods. They often have no idea about or any useable knowledge with what works ideally for those using WordPress.

    I am glad they are working for you but I personally do NOT recommend them for hosting, in any way, shape or form.

  • New Recruit

    I agree with the comments above. I only use GoDaddy as a domain registrar. Luckily, I have never purchased hosting from them but I had clients that used GoDaddy as their host in the past. Nowadays, I turn down business if they don’t want to switch to another host. It’s just not worth it with the extra time and energy that I’ll have to spend.

    I was hoping to see some affiliate links to GoDaddy which would be a reason for this article. Disappointed that I didn’t as this makes me second guess some of the articles that I’ve read here in the past.

  • My other comment is in moderation, probably for having too many links to back up my position. I’ll post it in parts, instead.

    It looks like your only reason for supporting them is that you got a support question answered (maybe not even correctly), and the survey they incessantly nagged you about was short. That seems like a pretty weak justification. How many times have you actually contacted support?

  • I’ve completely moved my domains and my hosting off of GoDaddy. As was stated before, they just have far too many negatives about them to consider sticking with it.

    I would much rather chat with a HostGator rep (and receive a log emailed to me for future records) than sit on the phone with a GoDaddy rep and have them deny anything “wrong with the server” (even though half the pings fail and FTP won’t connect) and then try and up-sell me on a dedicated package. Besides that, support of SOPA, elephant-slaying, high-latency, and crappy UI interface is just too much to ignore.

    Been with HostGator now for over a year and it’s AWESOME. 1000x better than GoDaddy.

  • People have already pointed out all the usual reasons why GoDaddy is a poor choice, but when I was a customer, I never used the phone support because I’m deaf. Instead whenever I needed help, I relied on the email support instead. It was terribly frustrating because they were sending me responses that didn’t even address my query.

  • New Recruit

    Wow, there are a lot of people who don’t like godaddy.com. All of you have your reasons. I’m sticking with mine. I host several sites with them and have never had an unresolvable problem. The service has been good, and I haven’t been “upsold,” at least not that I’m aware of. Gemma, yours is a unique situation. I understand that frustration, though, having had to go through those email help sites that just keep asking you the same wrong question over and over. You wonder if there is really a human being there at all.

    I wonder if there is anyone out there that feels as I do. If so, I’d love to hear from you, too.

      • New Recruit

        Thanks for asking, Mike. Here’s an annotated list:

        Hostgator, Jacky Digital (a personal friend and fellow web person who moved to Florida and stopped taking new clients), Network Solutions, YourSolution.net (another personal friend that uses Rackspace and only works with .asp), DHIT Web/Consulting (another personal friend and occasional client that is a custom programmer ex HP) … then I’ve had clients that used SolutionPro (local to Boise), cable companies and various others, local and nonlocal, that provided no support and were impossible to reach. Some specialized in nonprofit/green hosting that fit the culture and goals of the client, others local to my clients’ locations (Washington State, New Jersey, New York).

        My overall experience (and I have worked with computers since 1977, when they took up entire rooms and the disk drives were the size of turkey platters), is that IT people don’t necessarily like to talk to people, are always looking for more billable hours, and everything is a change order. Personally, that offends me.

        So, for all my detractors on this blog post, I respect your opinions. But… if GoDaddy is the Satan of the web hosting world, why are they still in business?

        • Allow me to answer with another question: If AOL was Satan of the ISP world, how did they stay in business?

          The answer is that they spend millions upon millions every year marketing to people that don’t think anything else exists and are satisfied with what they believe is “good” service. Outages that affect tens of thousands of people, support that takes 5 *years* to address a ticket, billing dept that charges you even after you’ve left them for another provider, default marketing contact options that “encourage” them to call you twice a week to upsell to you, paid hosting that still has ads, a host that specializes in shutting off their customers sites when someone reports an invalid copyright claim…these things are ignored or the users just are not aware of them.

          In any case, “love” who you want – the rest of us will ensure our sites stay online.

  • GoDaddy is a vile company.
    Their advertising practices are shameful.
    Their upsell methods are ridiculous.
    Bob Parsons killed an elephant.
    GoDaddy supported SOPA.

    Everyone should be GoDaddy free

  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I used to be a big fan of goDaddy, but I’m actually switching all my clients from goDaddy to my reseller hosting with Scala. Amazed at how much faster my WordPress sites run on the Scala hosting. Also, I have not been impressed with goDaddy’s customer service of late. Maybe they are trying to fix that? The last support ticket I submitted never even got answered. And then there is the ads . . .

  • Let’s not forget the 302 redirect issue they have also.

    Would never ever take out WordPress hosting with them from the things read all over the internet. I actually thought this post was going to be a joke of sorts when I read the title Ha!

  • New Recruit

    GoDaddy actually works as long as you don’t hit any snags. The moment you do, you might be in trouble for a long, long time.

    One of my clients has GoDaddy Shared Hosting, and we opted to do a one-click install for a WP site we had. Well, after 10 minutes, the process said it was “still pending”, so I ended up installing WP myself. In my field, typical WP-installations don’t take more than 10 minutes (after database and file upload)

    We ended up waiting 5 years for them to install the WordPress. We put in support tickets, and they told us to call them. We called them and they said they were going to check it out and get back to us. This continued once a month (it was once a day but we gave up after a while and didn’t even bother since we installed another WordPress site on our own), for the next 5 years. We cancelled the account from GoDaddy eventually, so there is not much left for them to do…now.

  • New Recruit

    Though I am not sure how to word this without sounding like a jerk, I really just do not understand how someone in this day and age, posting on a site like WPMU which is sort of about advanced WordPress, measure the quality of a web host by their response to landline calls after the fact. Really, truly so bizarre I don’t think I even have a comment…would rather believe WPMU was hacked by amateur journalists than think they actually published this.

  • I don’t need to call customer service at HostGator, and others that use CPanel, because everything is simple and easy to use. I agree with you that the customer service at GoDaddy is excellent… I know, because I’ve had to call them so many times. And I had to call them because they make everything so very difficult! And I resent GoDaddy’s constant effort to upsell me. I beg my clients to leave GoDaddy. They’re only good for domain registrations.

    • @Chuck Cavanaugh, on shared hosting we decided to use our Hosting Control Center instead of cPanel so that we had full control over the control panel. We can make changes to the interface as needed to meet customer’s needs.

  • I have a completely different opinion to this post. The customer service is good on GoDaddy but I believe that HostGator’s is a lot better. Also, the hosting on GoDaddy for WordPress on some installs are really slow. When I used to be on it with shared hosting I did a reverse IP lookup and found that more than 900 sites were on one server. I then quickly switched over to HostGator and it was amazingly fast.

    • @Patrick McNamara, server density can seem high at times but our new 4GH hosting is a “cloud” environment. We cluster several servers together for web services as well as separate servers for FTP and for databases. This allows more resources to be available to each account and also allows for more customers on each IP, as there are really several servers not just one for that IP.

  • I just don’t like it that they rape you on domain privacy costs. It’s ridiculously expensive.

    Transferred all my domains to moniker and hosting to hostgator.

  • GoDaddy is officially NOdaddy. I packed up ALL of my domains and sites and moved away from that disastrous mistake a year ago, and my only regret is that I should have moved a LOT sooner. It was the worst hosting experience of my life and it would be nothing short of justice-served if they closed shop altogether. Every time I hear the name godaddy, I cringe and have to gulp a few times to keep my snack in my stomach. Simply stated: GoDaddy sucks. I know because my sites WERE some of their unfortunate (but typical) casualties.

  • For some reason I pickup alot of clients around the time their domains need to be renewed, which I help them out with. It only takes me two minutes of walking them through GoDaddy’s ridiculous upsell funnel before the client is usually annoyed to the point where they ask me if there is another way to register a domain. It’s like the virtual version of ikea – you just around in circles until you end up buying something at the register.

    For noobs, there are cheaper solutions than GoDaddy with better UI’s and similar support. Just my two cents, and that’s all it’s worth.

  • I was really surprised to find this post. I understand you like the phone support, but many companies offer that, and I would much rather have the ability to chat with someone online 24 hours a day to resolve my issues, which GoDaddy does not have.

    I wrote this blog post explaining why I DISLIKE GoDaddy so much: http://www.lettereyemedia.com/why-is-my-godaddy-wordpress-website-slow/

    I also explain that from a technical standpoint, their shared hosting, specifically for WordPress-based websites, is very inferior to competitors like HostGator or BlueHost.

    Lastly, with the recent security breach and their subsequent denial, GoDaddy would last on my list of places to buy services at this point.

    I also wrote about that : http://www.lettereyemedia.com/godaddy-suffers-crippling-attack-and-denies-security-breach/

    Obviously the article sparked some good commentary, though, so kudos to that!

  • All I have to say is that I am so glad I did some research before doing any hosting. I am new to all this and GoDaddy is definitely the most popular hosting company. Its easy to see why they are still up and running, many people like me are still new to creating websites and such and from the looks of it GoDaddy made sure that the new people would always see them as the best solution. Apparently they have a lot of issues.

    I checked this page since the title read “Why I love GoDaddy” thinking it was going to be a good read about the positive things about them. I am so glad I stumbled here to see how others really feel about GoDaddy.

  • New Recruit

    Wow. I realize this is an older article at this point, but still relevant. :)

    As a web design/development professional with numerous clients, I have used many different hosting providers – some horrendous, some not so much. My WordPress hosting experiences with GoDaddy in the past have not been great – but I gave them a try again this year, with a couple clients who already use them. I have to say, I have been very pleasantly surprised! Speed is good; customer service is fantastic. Yes, there is a little tweaking to do for more advanced implementations, but their service department is more than happy to work with you to iron things out.

    My one remaining issue is the 15 second connection time, which breaks attempts at cloning or restoring sites using both ManageWP and Worpit. Once that is resolved, I will officially be a happy camper – with no reservations about hosting with GoDaddy in the future.

  • New Recruit

    Just happened across this article from Donna, a day after signing up for another account at Godaddy.com. In my experience, the best thing about Godaddy is customer service, I have a number of domains and one WordPress site. In every case where I’ve needed support, I always get a real person on the phone within a couple minutes, and they’ve always solved my problem quickly. Sure they like to upsell…so does my favorite restaurant; after my meal they bring a dessert menu! I would be miffed if they didn’t. I love Godaddy too. Service is their number one product. Thanks for the article Donna.

  • New Recruit

    GoDaddy has improved a lot from how they were years ago. And one of their best services are the managed wordpress and vps. Shared hosting can use a bit of work but if you get the deluxe you won’t get failed sites.

    I moved away from wordpress so I use ogrehosting.com which lets me have more than one site on 1 hosting account and the speed is amazing BUT if I would’ve needed managed wordpress I would’ve gone back to the daddy.

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