WordPress Hosting: Why I Love GoDaddy

WordPress Hosting: Why I Love GoDaddy

WordPress+GoDaddy+Help I’m not usually one to rave about companies, and most website-related companies leave me ready for the rubber room.

To make my “love list” takes a lot–great products, great services, and super-duper customer support.GoDaddy has hit the high mark in all of these areas on more than one occasion.

To be completely honest, hosting a website on GoDaddy.com scared be B-Gs out of me initially. It seemed so complicated. I was forced for use them when one of my web design clients already had hosting with them. There were complications getting their WordPress site loaded up and working properly, mostly due to me trying to figure things out on my own, and I was clueless about where to look for answers when I just couldn’t figure it out.

I’m somewhat bull-headed when it comes to figuring things out. I’m so sure I can that I put far too much time into the process. (BTW, this isn’t cost-effective, so I don’t advocate it for others.) It isn’t until I’ve exhausted every possibility that I can consider asking for help. I was building websites, for heaven’s sake. Doesn’t that imply that I know all this already? But I didn’t, and I was in uncharted territory looking for the emergency exit.

So, what changed my mind?

I called the help line.

Unlike so many other technical sites, they actually post their phone number and invite you to call them. So I did, admittedly with some trepidation.

My expectations were low. I assumed I would be in auto-attendant hell for an hour or two and then be connected to someone that couldn’t help me anyway.

What I got

  1. One level of selections (I opted for “Press 3 for Technical Support”).
  2. A human being that actually knew how to help me and never put me on hold.
  3. They made sure they fixed my problem before they hung up.

Not just one time, mind you. Every time I called. As a beginner WordPress user and website builder, I call them more often than you might think. They never complain, and they always fix my problem.

Even better

They wanted to know how they did. You know how it goes. They sent me a link to a “brief” survey. The first several times, I just ignored their invitation. When I finally decided to give kudos for a job well done and clicked through to the survey, I was, once again, delightfully surprised. The survey was two questions:  Did we answer your questions and how likely are you to refer us.  There was a comments box, too. Short. Sweet.

WordPress Install on GoDaddy
Screen capture from GoDaddy.com

Go Daddy has other great features, too. They are WordPress compatible and have a one-click WordPress Installer that ensures you have the most recent version of it right away. Once you have WordPress installed and activated, you can easily manage it through the admin panel, just like any other WordPress site. And, if like me you tend to blow things up now and then, GoDaddy.com will help you fix it, quickly and without condescension.

What more can you ask for in a hosting company?