WordPress Has Dropped Support for IE6 – Who Can Blame Them?

WordPress Has Dropped Support for IE6 – Who Can Blame Them?

WordPress 3.2 is dropping this week and, for the first time, it will not have support for IE6. Those of us who have struggled to support IE6 at the expense of modern browsers’ capabilities when building with WordPress are jumping out of our seats to wave goodbye. WordPress 3.2 will be pushing users to upgrade their browsers through the Browse Happy campaign.

There’s really no excuse to support IE6 anymore – absolutely no reason. It’s insecure, unbearably slow, and dismally outdated. Upgrading to a modern browser is free. Even Microsoft is glad to see it go. Their IE6 Countdown site tracks the slow but steady demise of IE6 across the globe.

Who Else is Dropping Support for IE6?

Many major companies are making an aggressive push towards modern browsing in 2011. As of August 1st, Google Apps will no longer support Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, and Safari 3 and all of their predecessors. Amazon dropped support for IE6 last year. 37signals actually phased out support for IE6 across all 37signals products in October of 2008. There are very few companies remaining who are still taking a stand for IE6.

Goodbye IE6 – Hello WordPress 3.2

WordPress developers and site administrators can now rest easy. You’re no longer obliged to support the dusty 10 year old browser. Fair warning has been given, so if you need to get the word out to your clients, now is the time. Rest in peace IE6. We loved you ten years ago but it’s time to move on.

Does WordPress’ move to dump IE6 make you rethink how far back you’re willing to cater to when it comes to browser compatibility? How many of you will be toasting its demise when WordPress 3.2 is released?