WordPress Kills Post Formats UI For 3.6 Release

WordPress Kills Post Formats UI For 3.6 Release

Mark Jaquith announced today that Post Formats UI will not be a part of the core in WordPress 3.6 but will be relegated to a plugin, similar to MP6. We’re referring to the fancy new display that would have been added to the post edit screen:

The new post formats

Why is WordPress Killing Post Formats UI?

It seems the attention to the post formats was holding up the 3.6 release date, so it’s been punted to a plugin. The core WordPress contributors are now hatching a plan for extracting it from this release.

Current post formats box with added icons
There are a few rough mockups floating around on make.wordpress.org for the possibility of keeping the icons in the current post format listings, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

Some WordPress users will be quite disappointed that the shiny new UI has been removed. But the question remains – how many people really use post formats on a regular basis? Certainly there must be a decent number, but I’d wager that the vast majority of WordPress users won’t ever bother with post formats. A massive display of post format options on the edit screen seems to be more attention than they deserve. Removing them from the 3.6 release is a good call.

Will Post Formats UI Ever Be Added to the Core?

It’s possible, though I know many folks are crossing their fingers and hoping that it doesn’t return. It may eventually be reintegrated after it’s polished up. This would be a great time to take a community poll. Who really wants the proposed post formats UI? Having the ability to turn it off in the screen options is great, but is this just another thing that most people will turn off?

If this was your favorite new feature and your heart is broken, just use the plugin. You won’t even know the difference. ;) Let us know in the comments how you feel about WordPress killing the new post formats UI. Are you disappointed? Do you use post formats regularly? Do you think they deserve all this attention?