Improve the WordPress Media Library with Enhanced Media Picker

Improve the WordPress Media Library with Enhanced Media PickerJust the other day, Sarah featured some proposed improvements to the media library in WordPress 3.5. Whilst the improvements are still very much at a formative stage, they represent something that has been a long time coming.

Media has never been handled particularly well in WordPress. If you run a post on proposed improvements to WordPress (like I did), you’ll always get at least one negative comment regarding the media library. So with that in mind, it is nice to see that the WordPress dev folks are taking steps to improve it.

Impatience is a Virtue

But who wants to wait around for WordPress 3.5, right? Why not install a plugin today that can make browsing media in WordPress that little bit easier?

I am talking about Enhanced Media Picker. This lightweight plugin adds some extra functionality to the media library. Here’s a screenshot of what you might typically see:

Enhanced Media PickerAnd here’s the same screen once you have installed Enhanced Media Picker:

Enhanced Media PickerAs you can see, there are a selection of additional options at the top of the screen. You can set the media library to display more than 10 items, and/or to show only your uploads. Also, when you hover over an image thumbnail, you’ll get a handy preview:

Enhanced Media PickerBut that’s not all. Click on the gallery icon to the top right of the screen and you’ll be presented with a display that makes much better use of the available space:

Enhanced Media PickerMuch better, right?

That’s all there is to it – there are no settings screens or anything of that nature – just additional functionality for your media library. And rather handily, view settings are saved to user profiles, so if you have a multi-user blog, you can set the view to your own individual taste.

Download Enhanced Media Picker here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of boliston