The WordPress MU and BuddyPress Plugin Contest – 2009

This contest has been cancelled due to insufficient interest from plugin authors and sponsors… sorry for any inconvenience… read more about our decision here.

It’s the annual event, hosted by WPMU.ORG, that aims to source, motivate and provide the best new plugins for WordPress MU and – this year – BuddyPress.

Why should you, Mr/Ms Plugin Author join in?

Well, there’s great fame to be had, a fantastic forum to showpiece your plugin skillz and some seriously nice cash prizes.

So, to participate, you need to…

1. Write the bestest WordPress MU / BuddyPress plugin you can

2. Upload it somewhere – we recommend WPMU DEV, but you can host it wherever you want :)*

3. Register as a contributor [this link has been removed because the contest is now closed] here at WPMU.ORG and write up your plugin for general consumption.

4. And do all of this by Friday October 16th Friday November 6th

5. Then grab the very lovely badge we give you and get everyone you’ve ever known to vote like frenzied chipmunks :)

*Oh yeh, it’ll need to be GPL or GPL compatible, naturally.

Prizes, you say…

Sure thing, the current prize pool consists of:

Contact us to add to the prize pool, sponsor a particular type of plugin and get your sponsors post at!

And, if you’d like to be a sponsor…

You can provide a contribution to the generic prize pool , sponsor a particular category and have your very own ‘sponsor post’ here at… so please contact us asap.

And the entries so far are…

Once you’ve made ytour entry, we’ll post to it down here: