Plugin no. 97 – Signup blog description

Plugin no. 97 – Signup blog description

To finish off the week we’ve got a little ‘un… but a good ‘un.

Next week they are going to be far from little(!), so enjoy this dainty little plugin while you can… it’s out set blog description (aka tagline) on signup plugin!

Are you a little tired of the ‘Just another XXXXX blog’ tagline that appears on every new blog?

And you’d rather let your new users set their own tagline… than you provide a default one for every blog (after all, it’ll improve buy in, engagements and other stuff like that).

Well, in that case, this simple plugin is for you – just drop it in and… ta da, your users can now set their own tagline at signup.

Can’t say fairer than that can you… here it is in action:

Happy ‘better-describing-what-your-blog-is-about-ing’ :)

You can download the plugin here.

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