Plugin no. 96 – Supporter Advertising

Plugin no. 96 – Supporter Advertising

You can feel the tension in the air… we’re approaching that 100 fast… so make sure you’ve entered the contest to win an annual WPMU DEV Premium membership once the big number pops, or you’ll regret it!

And in that vein, plugin number 96 is a handy (and much asked for!) in-post advertising solution that integrates perfectly with Supporter.

Essentially this plugin allows you to simply configure advertisements to show before and after post content without having to touch a line of code.

It’s perfectly integrated with our powerful Supporter plugin and so makes it simple for you to add advertisements to blogs that haven’t paid to you – while removing them from blogs that haven’t

The Supporter plugin itself does come with an advertising addon that allows you to use functions to display ads in any manner you can dream of… However, if you’re just looking for a simple ad solution with no coding required then this plugin is the answer.

And, of course, the best spots to earn a high eCPM for any ad are above and below post content.. so hopefully this plugin will earn you a little too.

Check it out on action:

And here’s the configuration section:

Happy advertising  – you can download the plugin here.

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