WordPress Multi Site to replace Multi User!

WordPress Multi Site to replace Multi User!

Big news out of WordPress land today is that as of 3.0, WordPress MU (or Multi User) functionality will now be known as WordPress MS or ‘Multi Site’.

How did we figure this out, well first up a couple of hours ago there was this commit to WordPress Trac by ‘wpmuguru’ adding multi-site settings code and called ms-settings.php:

Multi Site is added to the core

Then, from the WP DEV IRC Channel we picked up on this chat:

[filosofo] ms-users.php?  is the official name going to be "multi-site"?
[rboren] filosofo: That's the working name at least.  MU is being dropped.
[wpmuguru] yep, works for us / more appropriate
[Jane_] we'll all just try really hard not to think of Microsoft or Multiple Sclerosis :)
[rboren] Yeah, we talked about using msite for that reason.
[filosofo] what about the "site" / "blog" terminological distinction?  Is that changing too?
[wpmuguru] could actually go with site-settings, site-functions
[junsuijin] mi=multi-instance
[rboren] We also have the "Network", which is what MU currently calls a site.
[filosofo] currently there's get_site_option(), for example, which covers all "blogs" on mu
[Jane_] yeah, i liked Network in place of site, since it's really a group of sites
[Jane_] (as opposed to a site being a group of blogs, per current UI)


[rboren] Multi-Site is kind of the name we've adopted for the MU functionality, thus the
ms- prefix  for MU files.  If we think of it in terms of the feature name, the ms- prefix works.

Which, would certainly indicate that MS, Multi Site, or multi-site would be the new name for MU.

Needless to say this isn’t of massive import to the majority of WP users and bigger name changes have happened (for example, ‘Themes’ becoming ‘Appearance’) but for those interested in the MU space it’s certainly a significant change.

We’ll let you know if anything new comes to light, but for the moment it’s pretty safe to assume that the new name for WordPress MU is WordPress MS.