WordPress MU vs.

WordPress MU vs.

I’m thinking about, over the next few weeks, revisiting a series of posts I put together way back in the day looking at WordPress MU vs. other multi blogging platforms.

Especially given the (allbeit somewhat distant) integration of WordPress MU into regular old WordPress – thus making this more of a WordPress (with special emphasis on MU) vs. post.

But, regardless of all of that, first we’ve got to figure out the state of the play regarding which platforms we should compare against, and as such I present to you this analysis of where WordPress sits in terms of the rest of the main blogging platform players.

There are actually two groups of players… the also-rans and the market leaders.

The also-rans – as far as I can see – are all dying a sorry slow death as far as stats are concerned :(

And they are, specifically TextPattern, Nucleus, b2evolution and Movable Type.

In terms of traffic they’ve been on the decline for some time and it doesn’t look like thy are going to reverse that process:


And the same can be discerned in their search performance, lo how the mighty have fallen.


And then there are the contenders, which – in that inexorable pattern are doing a serious rich get richer thang.

These are, specifically, Joomla, Drupal and – of course – WordPress.


In terms of traffic they are all increasing (although only wordpress.org does so significantly – possibly as a result of the rise of wordpress.com).


And in terms of search they are all much, much stronger… with Joomla making a particularly strong showing (maybe people who use Joomla google more… or maybe it means something in dutch :)

Think I’ve got it about right? Or am I missing a platform?

For my mind the main articles should be:

WordPress MU vs. Drupal
WordPress MU vs. Joomla
WordPress MU vs. Movable Type

Am not sure if people are that interested in textpattern / nucleus / b2evolution to make those comparisons – again, lemme know if you disagree.

And feel free to run your own stats tests on Google Trends for Websites or Google Insights for search.