WordPress News: Free Searchable Tweet Archive Theme For Backing Up Tweets

Did you know that your tweets become unsearchable in a matter of 1.5 weeks? You’ll be able to find them in your stream later, but searching will become more difficult. This is why you might consider creating an archive of your tweets with WordPress. It’s really amazing to see how many unique uses people are finding for the WordPress platform.

Themelab.com released a free WordPress theme today that allows you to easily archive all of your tweets in a searchable format. It is made up of pure CSS and supports custom WordPress 3.0 menus and backgrounds. You can use WordPress to create an archive that you can backup and search. In order to properly use this theme, check out this tutorial for setting up your automatic archival system: How To Create a Searchable Tweet Archive with WordPress. Theme files from the tutorial are available for download, or you can grab ThemeLab’s free theme and get your archive up and running.