WordPress News: What to Expect From WordPress 3.1

WordPress News: What to Expect From WordPress 3.1

Last night’s WordPress dev chat included discussion of the goals for WordPress 3.1, which include:

  • To have a very short dev cycle
  • A decent amount of testing time
  • A release in mid-December
  • Low on new features and heavy on UI and code cleanup
  • Avoidance of schema changes

Larger items, such as media overhauls or refactoring featured images, will be left for WordPress 3.2.

A few of the items that developers will be working on for the 3.1 release include:

  • Advanced taxonomy queries
  • Get_users() and friends cleanup
  • Ajaxified admin screens
  • Internal linking
  • Separate network dashboard
  • Fixes to the custom post types API

The full scope will be solidified during the next developer chat. For more details beyond what we’ve included in this summary, check out the WordPress development blog.