Top 10 WordPress Podcasts You Should Tune Into Right Now

With 21% of U.S. adults now listening to podcasts at least once a month, podcasts have become a popular way for people to stay up-to-date on their favorite topics.

Think of podcasts like the audiobook version of articles. You get all the same information you would by reading the original source, except that it’s delivered in a more convenient audio format. What’s not to love?

For busy developers, designers, and other WordPress professionals, this may be exactly what you need. You want to keep up on WordPress news, design trends, and other topics of interest to your business, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to read every article that comes your way (except this one, of course).

WordPress podcasts are great like that. Play them in the background while you work on monotonous tasks or while you commute to and from work, and you still get to learn something new; all the while never interfering with or distracting you from your work.

Now, it’s simply a matter of finding the best WordPress podcast to subscribe to. Here are my picks for the top 10 podcasts for WordPress professionals in 2017.

  • DradCast

    Typically, WordPress podcasts follow a similar pattern. You’ve got a bunch of WordPress experts briefly touching on a product or problem, and then spending the rest of the podcast focused on a positive resolution. Build your business. Use these plugins. Enhance your process. DradCast does touch on these topics, but it’s done in an arguably more realistic and straight-forward manner.

    For instance, a podcast from early 2016 centered around the idea that “WordPress is not easy.” Bob Dunn, the featured guest on that show, went on to discuss how he runs into this issue whenever he speaks about WordPress or trains someone new on it. Yes, the platform is relatively intuitive, but is it easy to build a website with it if you have absolutely no coding, design, or other CMS experience? Absolutely not.

    DradCast is a podcast for anyone who recognizes that WordPress does have a dark side, and wants to hear like-minded individuals talk the straight talk about it.

  • Matt Report

    The Matt Report podcast was started back in 2012 by Matt Medeiros. His goal? To connect with the WordPress community and help people fine-tune their digital businesses in doing so. That formula continues today as the podcast centers around a featured guest and then ties their solution and the ensuing discussion to something of interest to digital businesses.

    Here are some examples of the types of guests and topics covered in the podcast:

    • Music for Makers: A stock music company that provides affordable audio content licensing to anyone who needs it (like a WordPress podcaster or a video editor).
    • Beaver Builder: A WordPress plugin developer who created a page builder solution that helps save developers and other WP users time. One of their discussion points covered the delicate balance between managing agency assignments with product development work.
    • Sprout Apps: A WordPress developer who created an invoicing app to help developers streamline their estimate-to-contract-to-invoicing process.

    The podcast today now covers a wide range of topics, so that digital business owners—including freelance developers, WordPress product creators, marketing agency owners, and anyone looking for actionable advice—can tune in and learn how to run their online business better.


    Although I’m a fan of this podcast, I’ll admit that I don’t think it’s right for everyone. The hosts, the guest speakers, everyone featured on this podcast is intelligent, talented, and really knows their stuff.

    That said, brands itself as “a weekly podcast targeting small business owners, freelancers, and others providing WordPress-based products or services.” That’s not totally accurate as it leaves off the fact that the content mostly focuses on managing and running a WordPress business.

    For WordPress professionals wanting to find out what’s happening with recent core updates, new plugins worth trying, or little-known tips and tricks for better coding techniques, you’re not going to find them here. What you’ll find instead are well-thought-out responses to specific WordPress business-related matters, like:

    • How to differentiate yourself from other WordPress freelancers.
    • Why you need to create content for your business.
    • Account management tips.
    • How to increase your local client base.

    If it’s the business side of WordPress that you need help with, then this podcast is for you. If it’s not, check out one of the others here.

    Interested in

  • The WordPress Chick

    Kim Doyal, the WordPress Chick herself, is the founder and host of this podcast. She’s funny, no-nonsense, and wants to help WordPress entrepreneurs #FtheHustle. In other words, stop wasting time on pointless ventures, focus on what you do best, and do it the right way. That’s why this podcast doesn’t necessarily cover WordPress-y things like the best SEO plugins or how to beat the white screen of death.

    The WordPress Chick is a podcast for the WordPress business owner who’s serious about maximizing their time, productivity, and success rate. These are some of the topics The WordPress Chick has covered (so you get a taste of what she’s all about):

    • Finding your niche.
    • How to develop a content strategy.
    • Rallying against the haters.
    • Winning the SEO game.
    • GoDaddy interview that discusses their new managed WordPress hosting solution.

    For WordPress entrepreneurs that want to get serious about building a business and absolutely killing it, this podcast is a must-listen.

    Interested in The WordPress Chick?

  • The WP Crowd

    For WordPress developers interested in a podcast truly meant for them (meaning one that doesn’t continually deviate into non-development topics) check out The WP Crowd. This is a relatively new podcast compared to other podcasts, but that doesn’t make it any less useful—especially if you want to hear what actual working developers have to say about what matters most to you. The guys on this podcast do a great job at conversing naturally with one another too, so you may find this more relatable and easy to listen to than the standard question-and-answer format of many WordPress podcasts.

    My suggestion is that you start with episode 45. It’s a discussion about coffee – which may seem like an odd choice – but it’ll give you a sense of the podcast’s conversational rhythm. If you can get on board with that episode, you’ll enjoy the rest.

  • The WP eCommerce Show

    Much like how WordPress professionals can benefit from establishing a niche specialty, this podcast has found one for itself: WordPress eCommerce.

    With such a centralized focus on the online retail space, this podcast’s real strength is in delivering targeted discussions that matter the most to WordPress professionals working in ecommerce. Topics aren’t all about WooCommerce plugins or increasing sales either. For anyone who’s especially interested in UX design and content strategy, this podcast handles those topics as well. For instance:

    • Planning an online store around the customers’ journey.
    • Creating an ecommerce site that is user-friendly.
    • Tips for enhancing your online store’s security.

    WordPress developers, designers, content creators, and ecommerce business owners could learn a lot from BobWP’s podcast series.

    Interested in The WP eCommerce Show?

  • WP Tavern’s WordPress Weekly

    WP Tavern is already known as a leading resource for all things WordPress, so it’s no surprise that they’d run their own WordPress-related podcast. If you’re already a subscriber to the WP Tavern blog and enjoy the kinds of topics they cover there, then this podcast should be a no-brainer.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these podcasts are long. Most of the podcasts you’ll find on this list run between 30 and 45 minutes. Many of the ones I’ve checked out on WP Tavern run about an hour long, so it might be difficult to find the time to fit an entire one of these in a single sitting (which is fine if you’re comfortable breaking them up).

    Considering the types of discussions they have and the guest speakers they feature, this is a podcast most WordPress developers should tune into. You’re definitely not going to listen to amateur hour here. As a bonus, each of the blog snippets that appear before the podcast give a short intro to the guest speakers as well as the plugins, themes, or stories discussed within—in case you want to explore the content further.

    Interested in WP Tavern’s WordPress Weekly?

  • WPInnovator

    Lee Jackson’s WPInnovator is the “WordPress Podcast for Design and Web Agencies.” In reality, these podcasts are fantastic for any WordPress developer, designer, or project manager that wants help improving their approach to WordPress. And because Jackson connects with WordPress thought and technology leaders like Kim Doyal (The WordPress Chick) and David Vogelpohl from WPEngine, this is a highly informative podcast.

    If you were to compare these podcasts to some of the leading WordPress blogs, you’d find a lot of overlap between them regarding topic coverage. So, if you’re looking for an audio version of those topics (e.g. how to create a website in a day, how to monetize your website, tips for creating content, etc.), then keep this podcast on your radar.

  • WPwatercooler

    This podcast is created by WordPress developers for WordPress developers.

    WPwatercooler’s name is no coincidence. If you think about it, it makes sense that WordPress developers would need to host their “watercooler” discussions online since many of them either work remotely or within small agency teams where they may be one of only a few developers (if that). Just because the work itself is often a solo venture, there’s no reason developers shouldn’t be able to come together to discuss what’s happening in their work.

    So that’s what WPwatercooler is in a nutshell. Some developers and other WordPress professionals meeting once a week to talk about something off the cuff—something that honestly matters to the community. Here are some recent topics:
    Tips for fighting WordPress burnout.
    Setting proper expectations for working remotely.
    How to use WordPress to manage all of your business’s processes.

    WPwatercooler also has some other podcasts that run on a regular basis. The other one that will be of particular interest to WordPress developers is WPblab. This is an interview-driven show that focuses on the business of running a WordPress business.

    Interested in WPwatercooler?

Wrapping Up

Excited by all the choices? You should be! There are a lot of great WordPress experts talking about all your favorite topics on a regular basis. Sign up for one (or more) of these WordPress podcasts and give your mind another source of creativity and productivity!

Brenda Barron
Over to you: Are there any non-WordPress podcasts you listen to that you find particularly helpful in your work?