WordPress Projects for Google Summer of Code are Ready for Testing

If you’re an adventurous WordPress fan, you may be interested to test some of the student projects from the Google Summer of code. They’re easy to test, as many of them come in plugin form and are in working condition. Get in on the action and explore the available projects, including:

  • File Uploader
  • Language Packs
  • Document Revisions
  • Local Storage drafts backup
  • Courseware/learn.wordpress.org
  • Enhanced emails
  • Threaded Comments
  • Extending WP Webservices
  • Refresh Android app UI
  • WordPress Move
  • Template Versioning

For full details on where you can get copies of the files for testing, check out the Google Summer of Code midterm reports on the student development blog. They are inviting community feedback on the projects. Have fun testing and let us know what projects you’re excited about so we can review your favorites.