How to Get a Random Post Button in WordPress

How to Get a Random Post Button in WordPress

Some sites seem to cry out for a random post button – i.e. something your visitors can click for a little impromptu journey into your content.

If your site is one of them, read on.


While there are a number of messy solutions out there that will have you digging into your template files and messing with code, there’s an easier solution in the form of the WP Siren Random Post by Click plugin.  And it also offers some pretty nice graphics control too – which is always a plus.

Getting Your Button on Your Site

The WP Siren plugin is super easy to set up and configure. Once the plugin is installed and activated, simply drop it into a widget area (Appearance > Widgets).

You can then style the button as you like.

Here’s a look at what you can control:

  • Enable Title
  • Title
  • Button Text
  • Button Background Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Background Color Hover
  • Button Text Color Hover
  • Button Border Radius
  • Font size
  • Padding
  • Text Align

And here’s a look at the actual settings.


Here’s a quick look at a simple button in my sidebar.


And that’s it. Simple and effective.