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WordPress Responsive Theme: Mixfolio

If you’re a photographer who also blogs and you’re on WordPress.com, look no farther than Mixfolio.

Mixfolio is yet another responsive theme — one of those trends that is also a Good Idea — meaning that regardless of the platform or device your content is viewed on, it will still look good, adjusting size and formatting to fit its point of consumption — and that includes images.

Equally impressive are:

  • A clean look with a judicious use of white space throughout the theme.
  • A tabbed presentation of metadata in Gallery view condensing information very nicely.
  • Navigation that emphasizes images and reveals post titles and post type via rollover.
  • A large welcome message up-top along with space for the latest tweet and a prominent contact button.
Tabs in a gallery of the WordPress theme, Mixfolio
Metadata and comments are presented in convenient tabs.
Mouse Rollover on responsive WordPress theme, Mixfolio
Rolling over an image with the cursor reveals post title and post type.

I’m less sure about the design choice of placing gallery pages contiguous to blog pages in internal site navigation.

Site navigation in Mixfolio, WordPress theme
To the left is a gallery page; to the right is another blog post.

I think, generally, if a user is browsing she expects to encounter the same type of post moving left or right. It would make more sense to browse within post types. Plus, this theme could really use breadcrumbs.

Still, a very polished, well-thought out theme that’s simple, but far from plain.