WordPress runs well on Windows. Full Stop. Period.

WordPress runs well on Windows. Full Stop. Period.

WordPress runs well on Windows. Full Stop. Period.

Those are the words uttered by Microsoft’s Andy Robb at WordCamp UK in Portsmouth last weekend as he took us through a journey through past, present and future.

Starting with the past, Andy conceded that previous versions of IIS (Microsoft’s server software and rival to Apache) was certainly not adequate, relying on slow CGI and unreliable ISAPI.

With IIS 7 he says the situation is much improved. A default installation is now much more minimal, using a streamlined processing pipeline and FastCGI for dealing with PHP requests (much-needed for running WordPress sites).

From a cursory glance at some benchmarking discussions on the web it sounds as though IIS7 really holds it’s weight against Apache servers now, especially with the latest versions of PHP. Andy’s presentation, which you can see below, goes into more detail about the best IIS setups for working with WordPress.

As well as much improved server software, Microsoft has developed a tool to help with developing and deploying WordPress sites.

WebMatrix effectively provides you with a Windows server right on your PC with one-click install for WordPress. You can setup and configure your WordPress site and then easily publish that site to your ‘live’ WordPress server.

It’s clear Microsoft are serious about WordPress having migrated over 30 million blogs from Windows Live to WordPress.com. They also have a site dedicated to WordPress and a blog where they cover all sorts of really interesting posts including features on WordPress.

So, will you be using WordPress on Windows?