How to Get a Scrolling/Sticky WordPress Sidebar Widget

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some websites have elements that scroll down the page as you do. For example, if the post is long enough here on WPMU, you will see our Floating Social sidebar widget appear on the left-hand side of the page. As you scroll down the page, it will appear to stick to the left margin and never go out of sight.

Get sticky, like this guy.
Get sticky, like this guy.

If you’ve ever wanted that functionality with other elements in your sidebar, it’s super easy to get with a plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget). In fact, the most difficult thing about it is its name.

Once you install and activate this plugin, at the bottom of every widget, you will now see a check box that allows you to make it “fixed” or not.


And that’s it. Simply check the box on the widget you want to be fixed.

Here’s a short 6-second video of it in action. I’ve set up a large widget area for social media links in the right sidebar and made that a sticky. As I scroll down the page, notice how it never disappears as a normal widget would.

Photo credit: Lefteris Katsouromallis