Swiftype: The Best Search Solution For WordPress

Swiftype: The Best Search Solution For WordPress

Despite WordPress’ world class publishing capabilities, the native search function leaves something to be desired. In fact, on larger sites it can be damn near impossible to find what you’re looking for. We set out to find the best possible search solution for WordPress and have been completely blown away by Swiftype.

This revolutionary app allows you to tailor your site’s search results to help users find the most relevant content. The app works alongside WordPress via a plugin and gives you the ability to fine tune search queries. Essentially you’ll be creating your own search engine that is more efficient and user-friendly than the WordPress default.

How is Swiftype better than the default WordPress search?

Swiftype search in action on WPMU.org

Short answer? The Swiftype Search plugin for WordPress is in every way better than the default search. Swiftype’s base ranking algorithm is based on industry best-practices and provides more relevant results than the WordPress default. The app goes beyond the basics by providing detailed search analytics and a simple, drag-and-drop interface for re-ordering your search results.

Swiftype Features:

  • Easy to set up – the Swiftype crawler creates your search engine in minutes, no coding required
  • VIP-approved plugin – The plugin has passed the VIP standards for quality and performance
  • Detailed Analytics – Built-in real-time search analytics
  • Custom Result Ranking – Drag-and-drop your search results to re-order them and changes will be instantly reflected on your website.
  • Excellent Mobile Support – Search works great in mobile browsers and Swiftype’s native iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to integrate with apps
  • Advanced Developer API – Get more of your search engine with the Developer API
  • Search Across Multiple Domains – Show results from any of your linked sites

What we love about Swiftype:

We’ve been using Swiftype to power our search capabilities for several months on Edublogs and WPMU.org and couldn’t be more pleased. From our experience with Swiftype on Edublogs we’re finding a decrease in support requests. Users are letting us know it’s easier for them to find the information they’re looking for.

There are two features that are making the biggest impact on Edublogs support:

  • 1. Auto suggest of posts based on search terms – nearly half of all searches are “auto selects”. This tells us that users are finding their answers faster than before.
  • 2. Being able to manually adjust search results to prioritize our most common searches.
Swiftype analytics

We also love the stats Swiftype provides in the search engine dashboard. For example, one section is dedicated to showing you “Top Searches With No Results”. Those are search terms that you’ll want to pay attention to and get to work creating better results. It also shows you the top searches on your site so you can get a better idea of what people are looking for when they come to you.

How can your site benefit from Swiftype search?

Reorder search results based on your business priorities

If your site has resources scattered across many posts and pages then the Swiftype search will give you the opportunity to quickly organize results based on topic and relevance.

WordPress sites with products for sale can also benefit from its detailed analytics. Knowing what visitors are searching for on your site can help you to know what products to add to your inventory. It can also help you to tailor your UI and marketing to focus on your most-searched for products and increase sales.

Swiftype is trusted to handle search functionality for many well-known online businesses, including Shopify, SendGrid, MailChimp, KISSmetrics, Mixergy and many more. A basic account is free and offers all of the same powerful search features. This is perfect for smaller sites and you won’t be obliged to upgrade.

Upgraded accounts enjoy use on multiple domains, unlimited query customizations, more frequent recrawls, dedicated support and more.

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