WordPress Security Essentials: Obscurity Tactics and Backups

Security by obscurity is by no means a be-all, end-all solution for keeping nasty hackers at bay, but should still play at part in your overall defence plan.

Obscurity as a security measure is the belief that a site can remain secure so long as nobody outside of its implementation is allowed to find out anything about its internal mechanisms.

In the final video in our WordPress Security Essentials series, we look at obscurity tactics and tried-and-true measures for backing up your site.

Obscurity Tactics

The video covers how to put into effect two of the most common obscurity tactics: removing the publicly displayed version information for your WordPress installation, and blocking directory browsing.

Keep a pen and paper handy (or better yet, just hit pause on the video and type out some notes) because the video provides the code you need to obscure aspects of your site.

Backing Up

Backing up a site can seem like a chore – until your site is hacked and you have to re-develop parts – or even all of it – everything from scratch.

Save yourself a potential headache and back up. The video covers some simple and popular ways to back up your site.

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What steps do you take to beef up the security on your site? Tell us in the comments below.